Food & Drink - flavours from around the world

If you love to try local specialities on holiday, take a look at our inspiring food-based articles and scrumptious recipes – there’s something for everyone from seafood and pasta to doughnuts and wine!

Until we are ready to travel again, let’s take a moment to enjoy the flavours of the world at home.

Food and drink around the world

  1. Buildings and church in Croatian town

    Flavours of Croatia

    There are some many different dishes you can enjoy on a tour of Croatia, here we share a guide on what you can expect to enjoy in the countries different regions.

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  2. Travel with taste banner

    Foodie Adventures on Tour

    At Travelsphere, we take our food seriously. Here we take a look at just a few of the local flavours you can enjoy when you tour with us.

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  3. From grape to glass - wine making

    From Grape to Glass

    Italians believe the table is bare without a fine wine – but where should you go to discover ancient traditions and glorious flavour palates?

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  4. Chinese Tea Plantation

    Everyone's Cup of Tea

    Why not put the kettle on, grab the biscuit tin and learn a few facts about the world’s tea-producing countries.

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  5. Hungarian Chimney Cake

    Hungarian Cuisine

    If you find yourself in Hungary, here’s a taste of what you’ll find on the menu, starting, of course, with goulash.

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  6. Local flavours - tour manager favourites

    Favourite flavours

    We asked some of our Holiday Directors to give us the low down on the food you simply must try when you’re away. And let’s face it, they should know!

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  7. World food

    Eat your way around the world

    There are so many delicious flavours to enjoy when you travel the world - we pull out a few of our favourite foodie experiences.

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  8. Chicken Amok, Cambodian cuisine

    Cambodian Cuisine

    Cambodian culinary secrets are rarely written down - instead passed down from one family member to the next. Here's some of the flavours you may enjoy.

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  9. Opatija Riviera

    A Taste of Croatia

    Chefs and restaurant owners, Pervin Todiwala shares some of the foodie highlights of her trip with us to Croatia's Opatija Riviera.

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  10. wine tasting holiday

    What to drink in Italy

    From your morning caffe to the world-famous wines, here's our guide to the drinks you can enjoy on a tour to Italy.

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  11. tour party eating together in Italy

    Buon Appetito!

    Italy is famous for it's delicious food - here we take a tour through Italy's culinary delights

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  12. Swiss fondue

    Fondues and Don'ts

    Fancy dipping into a big bubbling bowl of cheese with your dining companions? It’s an absolute must on Swiss holidays.

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Recipes for you to try at home (main course)

  1. Spaghetti Al Vongole

    Spaghetti al vongole

    Fancy something a little different inspired by coastal adventures? This BBC Good Food recipe for spaghetti with clams couldn’t be easier to follow.

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  2. Langoustine And Lemon Risotto

    Langoustine and lemon risotto

    Let this delicious recipe keep you hungry for future travels to the Italian coast – we may not be able to go there right now, but let’s take a moment to dream of when we can!

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  3. Fish with potatoes

    Fish with potatoes in herb sauce

    This dish is inspired by a restaurant in Rovinj - a beautiful harbour town in Istria. It really is such a simple but delicious recipe from Pervin Todiwala.

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  4. Potato Soup

    Zagorje-Style Soup

    Originating in the northern Croatian region of Zagorje, it was considered a peasant’s dish, basic and hearty. Today it has gained popularity as a gourmet soup given its blend of old and new ingredients.

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  5. Crab Linguine

    Linguine with Crab and Chilli

    Lotte Duncan's take on one of her favourite pasta dishes - a well known Italian favourite.

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  6. Lotte Duncan Amalfi Lemon & Basil Pasta

    Amalfi Lemon and Basil Pasta

    Lotte Duncan shares her Amalfi inspired pasta dish. Wonderfully delicious and easy to make.

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  7. Prawns

    Prawn Buzara

    Pervin Todiwala shares her own interpretation of this traditional Croatian dish.

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  8. Potato Soup

    Croatian Potato Soup

    Pervin Todiwala shares her recipe for Zagorje-Style Soup

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  9. Argentinian-style Beef Empanadas

    Empanadas are scrumptious hand-sized meat pies, filled with olives and hard-boiled eggs which are perfect for get-togethers with friends and family.

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Delicious treats to cook at home

  1. Spiced Pears

    Spiced pears

    If you have some time on your hands or are looking to do something thoughtful for a friend, why not make a batch of these delicious spiced pears.

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  2. Potato Doughnuts

    Potato doughnuts

    Fritule is a Croatian pastry generally eaten at Christmas time. This is a variation with potato that chef, Pervin Todiwala has shared so you can make your own.

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  3. Ginger Cake

    Mulled sticky pear & ginger cake

    This delicious recipe from professional cook and broadcaster, Lotte Duncan, combines warm spices with juicy pears that nestle on top of a delicious sticky ginger cake.

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  4. Chocolate Brownies

    Chocolate brownies

    The quickest of recipes and full of flavour - a perfect indulgent treat for while we’re waiting to be able to travel again!

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  5. Maple Syrup

    Banana and maple syrup cake

    No holiday to Canada would be complete without a tasting of maple syrup. It is used in a variety of recipes – why not have a go at making one of our favourites.

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  6. cake of sorrento

    Sunshine Sorrento Cake with Limoncello Cream

    While you think about where to travel next, bring a bit of sunshine to the UK with this delicious Sorrento cake.

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