A Postcard from Romania - Glenys' travel story

If you ever call our amazing Holiday Advisors you might just find Glenys on the other end of the line. After returning from her Discover Romania & Enchanting Transylvania trip we sat down for a chat to found out why she loves Travelsphere holidays.

Before I started working here I actually went on a Travelsphere holiday – The Best of the West and if they had said half way through the tour “you’ve had you moneys worth” I would’ve said “yeah, you’re right”. I absolutely loved it. Travelspshere holidays are good value, well organised, everything runs smoothly and you don’t have to worry about a thing as it’s all taken care of.

Amazing Experiences

There are so many incredible experiences on this trip. The tour was, in my opinion, a great mixture of historical sites - churches, castles, palaces, sprinkled though with rural life and experiences. We visited a winery, we also went to an apiary - how many people have got up close to a million bees? I never have before, but it was fascinating, absolutely fascinating. We met wool-weavers who gave us a demonstration of how they make these beautiful carpets using vintage machinery powered by water!

We also had a traditional evening with a Romanian family, which was delightful. It was a warm, barmy night, we went to this old village and in this courtyard all the tables were set out. They were wearing traditional costumes and there were two musicians, one playing the accordion the other playing the trumpet, as well as some folklore dancers. We all had food, drank the local plum brandy and danced around the courtyard together – it was a lovely, lovely evening.

Great People

As early as day two it became apparent how well the group was going to get on, and as the week went on we all really bonded with each other. I think because most evenings we were having dinner together we just grew really close. We were all like-minded and interested in the country and its history. Everyone was very enthusiastic and asked lots of questions throughout – it was a pleasure to travel with them.

The exchanges with local people were so nice too. At the weaving demonstration we met the owner of the mill and the grandma, who must’ve been 120 years old. His kids came in to say hello and we met his wife – it was lovely. At the apiary we met Wilhelm who told us all about his life. He’s got seven children, loves them all, but would like a few more. Those conversations with locals were amazing.

Expert Holiday Directors

I’ve been on quite a few Travelsphere holidays and I think the Holiday Directors make all the difference. They have a wealth of knowledge and just make everything run smoothly so it makes it easy for everyone.

On this trip Cecilia was marvellous, she was fantastic, absolutely terrific. She was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, caring - she really did pay attention to every detail. She’s Romanian and so proud of her nation, so we learned so much from her about the country. She was 14 when Communism ended in Romania, and was in Bucharest during the riots – she was able to bring it all to life. When we were at the airport ready to come home there were hugs all round because everyone loved her.

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