Portugal Escorted Tours & Guided Holidays

Escorted Tours & Guided Holidays to Portugal

Portugal is a picturesque country. Once a powerful maritime empire, much of the nation’s architecture dates to the 1500s–1800s and is truly a sight to behold. But it's not just beautiful buildings that make Portugal the perfect travel destination; it’s also celebrated throughout the world for its fine food, gorgeous scenery and unrivalled hospitality. Paying a visit to Portugal with Travelsphere will leave you in awe and wanting to explore all that’s on offer here; from its sun-kissed beaches to the cosmopolitan capital of Lisbon, there’s plenty of rural and urban pastimes to keep travellers of all interests entertained.

Portugal escorted tours with Travelsphere promise everyone a good time, no matter how you like to travel. Discover Portugal tours with Travelsphere and get ready to enjoy yourself to the full on a spectacularly sunny adventure.

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Featured Escorted Touring Holidays to Portugal

  1. Lisbon Coast - Historic Towns and Spectacular Sintra

    Enjoy the perfect balance of relaxation and exploration on this Portugal escape, where the beautiful seaside town of Cascais awaits.

    • Return flights
    • 7 nights in a 4-star hotel
    • 11 meals: 7 breakfasts, 4 dinners

    8 days from
    was £1,399
  2. Christmas on the Lisbon Coast

    Fairy-tale towns, sumptuous palaces and seafaring cities are highlights of this festive holiday on the Lisbon Coast, and they are all the more magical at Christmas.

    • Return flights
    • 6 nights half-board in a 4-star hotel and 13 meals
    • 13 included meals: 6 breakfasts, 1 festive lunch and 6 dinners

    7 days from
    was £1,649

Portugal Touring Holidays - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the highlights of Portugal?
There are so many iconic monuments and wonderful experiences to enjoy on a tour to Portugal - here are some of our highlights.
  • A visit to the Duoro Valley home of the Port Wine vineyards and offers spectacular views across terraces of grape vines.
  • The historic city of Porto and neighbouring Vila Nova de Gaia are a delight to explore - why not take a stroll across the Dom Luis bridge?
  • Enjoy a Pastel de Nata - these custard tarts are a must try for anyone visiting Portugal
  • The gothic styled Sintra National Palace hides beautifully decorated state rooms
  • Head to the Lisbon Coast at Christmas to visit fairy-tale towns, and palaces decorated for the festive season
What is the best time of year to take a holiday to Portugal?

The climate in Portugal varies considerably from one region to another and is influenced by the relief, latitude and proximity to the sea, which offers milder winters compared to other parts of Europe. 

The summers are hot and dry. Temperatures are slightly lower in the coastal areas, because of the influence of the sea. There are often warm, sunny days in the autumn. Nice weather at the beginning of November is often called ‘St Martin’s summer’ as this saint’s day is on 11 November.

Clothing for the spring and autumn should definitely include warm clothes as the evenings are usually cool and these changeable months may well mean the days are cooler and wetter than expected for such a southerly latitude. Please remember it is always easier to shed warm clothes if you need to than to add those you don't have. Comfortable shoes are recommended for when you are out and about exploring.

The spring and summer months can see temperatures soar as high as 40 degrees centigrade around the Duoro Valley and 35 degrees centigrade in the north.

What's the food like in Portugal?

Portugal is responsible for the introduction of a great variety of spices and exotic products into European cuisine.

Eating and drinking still play a great role in the Portuguese way of life. The Portuguese normally take a light breakfast, then, mid morning, they have a break for a ‘Meia de leite’ (coffee with milk) and then lunch, consisting of a starter, main course and dessert. Mid afternoon is time for tea or coffee with a toast or sweet and dinner is usually three courses.

The starter is usually a soup (winter time) or a salad (during summer); the main course is meat or fish garnished with potatoes, rice or vegetables and the dessert is usually cake or fruit. To finish the meal there is usually a small coffee which is called ‘bica’, ‘café’, ‘cimbalino’ or ‘espresso’, depending on the area of Portugal.

Fish is very popular in the coastal resorts and meat is more common inland, although everywhere in Portugal you can find the ‘bacalhau’ (salted codfish) cooked in different ways. It is said that there are 365 recipes for ‘bacalhau’.

Some specialities and wines according to the region:


  • ‘Caldo Verde’ (soup)
  • ‘Rojoes’ (pork meat)
  • ‘Polvo’ (Octopus)
  • ‘Cabrito assado’ (roasted kid).
  • Wines: The famous Port; ‘Vinho Verde’ (Green wine, red or white) and Douro wines, red and white.


  • ‘Leitao a Bairrada’ (Suckling pig)
  • ‘Caldeirada’ (different sorts of fish cooked with rice)
  • ‘Sardinhas’ (Sardines)
  • ‘Cozido a Portuguesa’ (different sorts of meat boiled with cabbage, potatoes and rice).
  • Wines: Red and white from Bairrada & Dão and sparkling wine from Lamego and Anadia.


  • 'Peixe espada' (sword fish)
  • 'Mexilhões, Amêijoas, Ostras' (mussels, clams & oysters)
  • 'Ensopados de cabrito' (Kid stews).
  • Wines: Red & White from Colares; Bucelas; Setúbal; Algarve and “Borba” the most famous wine from Alentejo.

The most popular and famous pastry in Portugal is ‘Pasteis de Nata’ or ‘Pasteis de Belem’ as it is known in Lisbon - a small custard tart.

What is the time zone in Portugal?

Local time in Portugal is the same as that in the UK throughout the year.

What is the currency in Portugal?

The currency in Portugal is the Euro (€), which is widely available in the UK.

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