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Always been intrigued by the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’? Well, now’s your chance to explore it to the full thanks to Japan escorted tours with Travelsphere. A land of harmonious contrasts, Japan is a truly fascinating holiday destination; seamlessly blending ancient customs and modern technology, the coming together of two seemingly opposite worlds is a key feature of our fully escorted tours of Japan. One minute you’re riding the country’s famous Bullet Train to Kyoto, the next you’re making your way through Matsumoto Castle, Japan’s oldest existing fortification. No matter what your tastes, there’s so much on offer visiting Japan with Travelsphere you’ll be spoilt for choice.

All kinds of interests are catered for on Japan guided tours with Travelsphere. Nature lovers will get the chance to admire magnificent views of Mount Fuji as well as taking a trip to a traditional wasabi farm. The historic cities of Nara and Hiroshima are just some of the poignant sights you’ll get the opportunity to see with us, and you certainly won’t be short of souvenir ideas while checking out the vibrant cities of Tokyo and Osaka. Discover everything from temples to cherry blossoms on handcrafted Japan escorted tours with Travelsphere.

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Escorted tour to Japan

  1. Japan - Land of the Rising Sun

    Discover the unforgettable highlights of Japan including an incredible high-speed ride on the Bullet Train.

    • Travelsphere Private Chauffeur Service
    • Return flights
    • 10 nights in 3 & 4-star hotels, 2 nights in flight and 14 meals

    13 days from
    was £4,399.00

Read all about it... Japan

  1. Mount Fuji and Cherry Blossom

    A Japanese journey

    Japan is a country of contrasts where serene temple complexes and elaborate palaces meet ultra-modern skyscrapers and high-speed trains. Here are some of our favourite experiences

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  2. Geisha in Japan

    Japan - A place like no other

    From bustling Tokyo and the famous bullet trains to peaceful temples, beautiful Geisha and traditional tea houses – Japan has it all and more…

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  3. Chinese Tea Plantation

    Everyone's cup of tea

    As a nation, we Brits love a cup of tea - in fact for many of us, it’s hard to imagine life without it. When we’re cold a cuppa warms us up, on a summer’s day an iced tea is the perfect cooler, if we’re tired or emotional it’s just what the doctor ordered, and it’s the lynchpin of an elegant Afternoon Tea.

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  4. Japan Bullet Train

    Iconic train journeys

    There are so many reasons to ‘let the train take the strain’. Here are some of our favourite journeys by rail.

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  5. Tulip Garden

    The world in bloom

    What better way to get inspiration for your own garden, than by visiting some of the world’s most beautiful spaces.

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  6. Local flavours - tour manager favourites

    Favourite flavours

    We asked some of our Tour Managers to give us the low down on the food you simply must try when you’re away. And let’s face it, they should know

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  7. World food

    Eat your way around the world

    There are so many delicious flavours to enjoy when you travel the world - we pull out a few of our favourite foodie experiences.

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