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Widely regarded as the birthplace of Western civilisation, Greece is an enticing destination for culture vultures and history buffs (though if you're happier taking in beautiful landscapes and exploring new places, you won’t miss out!). An array of archaeological gems offers much insight into this country’s vast and ancient heritage, including exploration of Athens. These artefacts, a laid-back way of life, and a wealth of stunning scenery all combine to create a warm, welcoming nation that’s only too happy to share its distinctive customs and traditions with interested visitors from overseas. And as far as Greece package holidays are concerned, you can't go wrong with Travelsphere.

If you're looking for an ideal warm-weather destination, Greece is the obvious choice, and our escorted tours of Greece are undoubtedly the best way to experience all this amazing country has to offer. Our relaxed tour in Crete showcases Greece's wildflowers and nature, as well as incredible history. Our knowledgeable guides will ensure that your tours are as enlightening as they are entertaining. There’s even the option to visit the Sanctuary of Apollo, where pilgrims would come to leave offerings to the gods, and the Treasury of Athenians, where these offerings were stored. However you envisioned your Greek adventure, there's a perfect Greece guided tour for you with Travelsphere.

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Featured Escorted Touring Holidays to Greece

  1. Wildflowers of Crete

    Wildflowers and nature walks are at the heart of this holiday the idyllic Greek island of Crete, which also boasts an incredible history.

    • Travelsphere Private Chauffeur Service
    • Return flights
    • 7 nights half-board in a 4-star hotel and 14 meals

    8 days from
    was £1,299.00
  2. Mythical Greece - Athens, Delphi & Mycenae

    Immerse yourself in the myth and legends of Ancient Greece as you visit a host of historical sites accompanied by a Local Guide.

    • Travelsphere Private Chauffeur Service
    • Return flights
    • 7 nights in 3 and 4-star hotels and 10 meals

    8 days from
    was £1,549.00

What to expect from your holiday in Europe

  1. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to Europe to highlight some of the most interesting features you’ll find on a tour with Travelsphere.

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