Cambodia Escorted Tours & Guided Holidays

Escorted Tours & Guided Holidays to Cambodia

If you're looking to take an extra special adventure abroad, Cambodia is definitely where you should go. This relatively undiscovered country is the perfect place for trying new things and enjoying all that’s beautiful about the world; boasting many ancient treasures, unspoilt countryside and mesmerising culture, Cambodia is sure to captivate and fascinate anyone who visits. Home to the art deco Central Market, glittering Royal Palace and the National Museum's historical and archaeological exhibits, Phnom Penh – the Cambodian capital – is ripe for exploring, and in the northwest are the ruins of Angkor Wat, a massive stone temple complex built during the Khmer Empire that's featured in many movies and is a haven for history buffs. Want some excitement for your overseas holiday? Head to Cambodia with Travelsphere.

Cambodia tours with Travelsphere are handcrafted to give you the freedom to go beyond traditional travel experiences. One minute you're receiving a traditional Buddhist blessing from monks at an authentic temple, the next visiting a stilted village on Tonle Sap Lake. However you see your holiday taking shape, Cambodia is where memories are made. Take the trip of a lifetime to Cambodia with Travelsphere and embrace all this fascinating country has to offer.

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Featured Escorted Tour Holidays to Cambodia

  1. Invitation to Vietnam & the Temples of Angkor

    This fascinating introduction to the diverse landscapes of Vietnam also includes a visit to Cambodia's Angkor temples.

    • 24 meals: 11 breakfasts, 8 lunches, 5 dinners
    • 10 nights in 4-star hotels, overnight cruise, plus 2 nights in flight
    • Return flights

    14 days from
  2. A Journey through Southeast Asia

    Vietnam's stunning Halong Bay, Cambodia's magnificent Angkor temples, Mount Phousi in Laos and a cruise of the Mekong to Thailand – this epic journey includes so much.

    • Return flights
    • 18 nights in 3 or 4-star hotels, overnight cruise, 2 nights in flight
    • 43 meals: 19 breakfasts, 14 lunches, 10 dinners

    22 days from

Cambodia Holidays- Frequently Asked Questions

What are the highlights of a holiday to Cambodia?

It goes without saying that one of the biggest highlights of Cambodia is the Angkor Complex - The Khmer site is comprised of a number of unique temples. The Ta Prohm Temple has been taken over by the jungle with trees growing throughout the site. Over 200 faces are carved into the towers of the Bayon and Banteay Srei is best known for its beautiful pinkish hue - and that's before we even consider the most iconic temple of all - Angkor Wat.

The floating villages of Tonle Sap is another highlight. These homes on stilts are on the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia, part of the Biosphere reserve, a dedicated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What is the food like in Cambodia?

Cuisine in Cambodia is very similar to Thai food and you'll often find favourite flavours of coriander, lemongrass and mint included. Popular dishes include the country's signature dish, fish amok (fish cooked in a creamy curry-like sauce), Beef loc lac (a flavoursome stir-fried beef served on a salad) and Khmer Red Curry, milder in spices than the Thai equivalent it's made with potato, coconut mile, lemongrass and Kroeung (a spiced paste popular in Khmer cuisine).

Looking for an alternative experience then take a look at some of the street food options such as Chet Chien (deep fried bananas), Lort Cha (noodles often cooked with beef), Bamboo sticky rice, or perhaps freshly squeezed sugarcane juice.

What is the climate like in Cambodia?

Cambodia experiences a hot and humid climate year round. The rainy season reaches its climax from April to September. Rain showers are usually torrential followed by brilliant sunshine.

Casual lightweight clothing, including a sunhat, and a pair of strong, sensible walking shoes are recommended throughout a tour in Cambodia.  You may find a cardigan or pullover useful for air-conditioned buildings and transportation. 

What is the time zone in Cambodia?

Cambodia is 7 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

What is the currency in Cambodia?

The unit of currency in Cambodia is the Riel, however you will find that US Dollars are often used and widely accepted.

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