Guided Tour Holiday Types Explained

Explore Our Holiday Types

  1. Touring

    If you want to explore the world, seeing iconic landmarks, seeking out hidden treasures and staying in a new destination every day or so, our Classic Touring holidays are for you. Alternatively, if you want to unwind and take time out from your busy life but you still want to see the world and make thrilling discoveries, that’s what you get on our Relaxed Tours, which take you to places where you can see so much from just one or two hotels.

  2. Coastal Cruising

    There’s something special about life onboard, whether you spend your entire holiday on a ship or your cruise is just a part of your tour. They feature all the comforts of home, with lovely luxury treats thrown in, from a choice of restaurants to hot tubs & and bars. You’ll leave the ship for thrilling shore excursions and have a comfortable cabin to call your own at the end of each exciting day. What’s not to like?

  3. Wildlife Holidays

    Seeing a rare, wild animal in it’s natural habitat when travelling can be thrilling – and sometimes a once in a life-time experience. We offer a wide selection of our tours that will give you the opportunity to get up close and personal to these beautiful creatures in their natural environments.

  4. Extended stay holidays

    We appreciate that sometimes you want to spend a little bit of extra time at the end of your holiday to relax or explore a little more. On a number of our tours there's the opportunity to do just that! 

  5. Tours by Rail

    Our rail options fall into two categories – you can reach your destination by train, or enjoy rail travel once you’re there. If you don’t fancy flying you can keep your feet firmly on the ground as you travel to the continent by Eurostar. Or, you can fly to your destination, and once there you can indulge in a journey on an iconic train or along a scenic railway line. Sit back and let the sights come to you!

  6. Festive Holidays

    It’s the time of year to give presents to your loved ones, but what about treating yourself to the best gift ever – a Travelsphere festive break! Our diverse range is fabulous, and features everyone’s idea of the perfect Christmas or New Year getaway. From close-to-home traditional treats and far-flung unique adventures to peaceful retreats and parties that go on till dawn, the choice is yours. Happy Christmas!

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