Get an Authentic Taste of the World

Local Flavours

Tasting local cuisine is a highlight of any holiday - sharing it with others is even better! That’s why all of our tours begin with a welcome drink and include plenty of meals, bringing you memorable foodie moments to make your taste buds tingle. In some destinations, you’ll even be able to rustle up a recipe yourself, with a bit of expert help of course!

Each individual holiday page shows the meals included. Some are full board and others have fewer included meals so you can make your own culinary discoveries. Your Holiday Director will be happy to recommend some fabulous places to eat. Every tour includes many opportunities to sample authentic local flavours together as a group. 

  1. Traditional Argentine Dinner

    An asado is a social barbeque where a range of meats are cooked on an open fire or grill and dates back to the 17th century. While it seems simple, families pass down their asado mastery - from how to prepare each cut of meat to monitoring the coals and of course.... timing. Argentina is known for having the best steak in the world - this is not only because of the grass-fed pampas cows but unique beef cuts and asado cooking techniques.

  2. The flavours of the Apulian region, Italy

    Italy’s cuisine is renowned the world over and its regional specialities are made using simple, locally sourced ingredients. On our ‘Puglia & Basilicata’ holiday, visit a fortified farm to experience first-hand the real flavours of the food grown and produced in the Apulian region, including the wonderful cheeses, olive oil and bread. For the bakers amongst us - you will have the chance learn how to make traditional bread baked in an open wood oven and orecchiette pasta (little ears) and then sit down for a lunch of typical regional cuisine  accompanied by wine and Limoncello.

  3. Traditional Uzbek dishes

    Smell the enticing aromas of freshly baking bread and enjoy a home-cooked meal with a local family

  4. Croatian Olive oil

    Croatian olive oil is considered to be one of the best olive oils in the world. There are more than 50,000 producers in the country - many of which are smaller family farms who strive for high quality olive oil. Just like wine, olive oils have a wide variety of tastes and aromas, on this tour you'll enjoy a tasting of local olive oils and learn about the process from harvest to bottle.

  5. Dine in the Amalfi Hills

    Ascend the dramatic slopes high above Amalfi to il Rifugio Tramonti. Surrounded by lush greenery this charming restaurant provides stunning views of the surrounding peaks from its terrace, and you’ll be able to admire this amazing scenery while enjoying lunch. All food served at the restaurant is from the local area, so you’ll be treated to a real taste of southern Italy. Lunch will typically consist of sausages cooked on the open grill, homemade cakes and of course the local herbal liqueurs.  

  6. Japanese sushi-making demonstration

    Sushi is one of the most popular dishes among Japanese and the most famous Japanese dish outside the country. Learn how to make this iconic dish at a sushi-making demonstration followed by a delicious tasting.