Traveller stories

Discover the very best of a Travelsphere tour from the people who have been there. From walking through the bustling streets of Delhi, standing on the terraces of Macchu Picchu or taking in the tranquil jade-green waters of Lake Louise. Read about these authentic experiences from Travelsphere travellers in their own words. 

These travel stories mean the world to us. We listen, learn and constantly review our holidays based on the feedback of our loyal travellers. In fact, it wouldn't be too much to say that our past and our future is shaped by our customers. 

My Travel Story

  1. A postcard from Japan

    "I’d been looking forward to Kyoto the most and it didn’t disappoint. On our first day we had a rickshaw through a bamboo forest, a Sushi making class which was hilarious (but with delicious results), visited Kinkakuji (the golden pavilion) and Sanjusangendo (the longest wooden temple in Japan, home to 1001 statues of Kannon)."

  2. A postcard from Crete

    "Spili was impressive, we first stopped at an old Minoan cemetery, which was peaceful and had plenty of wildflowers. We then went to the plateau above the village which had amazing views of the surrounding area, so it was a great photo opportunity."

  3. A postcard from The Balkans

    "Even on our first night, we were immediately immersed in Balkan history and culture, with a fascinating walking tour of the Diocleatian Palace in Split – a labyrinth of medieval houses, cafes, bars and shops."

  4. A postcard from Romania

    "As early as day two it became apparent how well the group was going to get on, and as the week went on we all really bonded with each other."

  5. A postcard from South America

    "Both of us had wanted to visit South America for some time but had never been on a guided holiday before, so it was a step into the unknown, but a step we can both now say we are thankful we took."

  6. A postcard from Kenya

    "The Samburu National Park absolutely blew our socks off, a sensation that never went away for the duration of the trip. The wildlife and stunning vistas in this country were second to none."

  7. A postcard from Croatia

    "This holiday was the perfect way to see different parts of Croatia in a short space of time and each day onboard was so relaxing."