Spain Escorted Tours & Guided Holidays

Escorted Tours & Guided Holidays to Spain

A tour of Spain will leave you with some truly spellbinding memories. Whether you want to visit captivating castles or cities steeped in history; spend a week in Andalucia, or take a rail trip through the Pyrenees, Travelsphere can cater to your needs. Spain touring holidays should be extra special, and you won’t be disappointed with what we have to offer. Because Spain is a country with myriad cultural influences, we’ve made it a point to design our tours so that you’ll get to know everything that makes this country great; from Moorish architectural accomplishments to pristine whitewashed villages crowning the hillsides, you’re sure to be amazed at all the gems you can see on escorted tours with Travelsphere. For Spain tours like no other, count on us to deliver endless excitement throughout your trip.

Spain has something for everyone (we’re serious, it’s life-changing!). If you’re a history buff, you can look forward to exploring places with unique national significance; at the same time, culture vultures will appreciate the sheer scale of diversity and various layers of heritage the sights of Spain have to offer. Foodies will feel right at home in the country’s renowned tapas bars, and with a Mediterranean climate that feels like summer all year round, it’s no wonder Spain receives so many overseas visitors. Give Spain a go with Travelsphere – you won’t be left wanting, that’s for sure!

Featured Escorted Touring Holidays in Spain

  1. A Week in Andalucia

    This relaxing holiday gives you the chance to unwind and soak up the sun whilst discovering the best of Andalucía.

    • Return flights
    • 7 nights in a 4-star hotel
    • 15 meals: 7 breakfasts, 1 lunch and 7 dinners
    8 days from
  2. pspyr

    Little Trains of the Pyrenees

    Take unforgettable scenic journeys by train through the Pyrenees to discover breath-taking mountain vistas and charming villages.

    • Return flights
    • 7 nights half-board in a 3-star hotel
    • 7 breakfasts, 7 dinners and welcome drink
    8 days from
  3. A Week in Andalucia at Christmas

    This relaxing holiday gives you the chance to unwind and soak up the sun whilst discovering the best of Andalucía.

    • Return flights
    • 7 nights in a 4-star hotel
    • 15 meals: 7 breakfasts, 1 lunch and 7 dinners including a Festive Gala Dinner on Christmas Day
    8 days from

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Spain Touring Holidays Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best tours to Spain?

For those looking for the sunnier side of Spain then a trip to Andalucia is the one for you. Rolling hillside, rivers and farmland border charming towns, amazing nature and beautiful beaches. A true paradise and a popular tourist destination. But Andalucia is not only known for it’s beautiful beaches and sunny days, you can also enjoy the snow-capped peaks in Grananda.

For the culture vultures, the Mosque in Cordoba, the Alhambra Palace in Granada and the Giralda in Seville are just a small part of the rich historical and architectural heritage that has been preserved in this Southern region of Spain. Andalucia is also famous for its amazing white villages, Moorish architecture and Gothic churches, and not forgetting that it was the birth place of artist Pablo Picasso!

Spain’s easy connection to France means you can take a breath-taking trip through the Pyrenees mountains via the little trains of Pyrenees from one country to another, giving you the opportunity to take in the dramatic landscape of the Cap de Creus National Park, the medieval walled city of Thuir, the Byrrh Caves and many a vineyard on route. A nice way to explore two countries for the price of one!

What are the highlights of Spain?

Few holiday destinations offer such an alluring array of prominent natural scenery and attractions to visit as Spain. From the Amber palace to the Roman Baths, and white washed houses of Andalucia.

The country is also fascinating for its range of cultures and history. Many Spanish cities have ancient Roman ruins, Islamic architecture from the Moorish period, medieval castles and fortifications along with Castilian- and Hapsburg-era palaces and mansions.

For the Historian, Antequera is for you, here you’ll see the Roman Baths, 16th century Arch of the Giants and the megalithic tombs.

For opera fans you’ll want to head to Seville for the atmospheric setting of Bizet’s Carmen and Mozart’s the marriage of figaro.

What is the food like in Spain?

No matter where you travel to in Spain the food is magnificent. Full of fresh local fruit and vegetables and just oozing colour. Top dishes to try are:

  • Paella – a rice based dish, jam-packed with flavour, usually including meat such as chicken, rabbit and/or seafood.
  • Gazpacho – a smooth blended soup full of the reddest, ripest tomatoes, peppers, garlic, olive oil, and cucumber. A dish best served cold
  • Patatas Bravas – one of the first dishes to try as part of the famous Spanish tapas. A fried potato dish in a sweet and slightly spicy sauce often including garlic, onions, and sometimes sausage. A dish that varies by region but is always a tasty treat.
  • Tapas – a selection of small, grazing dishes that tantalise the taste buds, known more commonly as canapes or snacks to us Brits. Dishes include Patatas Bravas (as above), Chorizo al vino (Smokey Spanish sausage cooked in wine), Tortilla Española (omelette filled with potatoes, onion and herbs) and Gambas al Ajillo (prawns sauteed in olive oil, garlic, chili peppers, sherry, paprika and topped off with a peppercorn sauce).
What is the best time of year to visit Spain?

Spain has a number of different climates based on region, but in general, it enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate, with dry summers and relatively mild winters. The main regional difference are between the South, Balearic and Canary Islands where temperatures climb into the mid to high 30s during the summer and the mountainous areas such as the Pyrenees which is often snow-capped.

Travellers often find that March to May or September to November are considered to be the best times to visit Spain but in truth, anytime is good as long as you have the right clothing packed for your travels.

Here’s our top tips

  • Spring - If you’re travelling to Spain in spring, then it’s wise to pack some warmer clothing like a cardigan or jumper as the evenings can drop a little cooler than the days.
  • Summer in Spain is a warm dry heat, so loose clothing and materials like linen are ideal as they allow for breathability and comfort.
  • Autumn in Spain can remain relatively warm but gets cooler pretty quick so a mix of cool and warm clothes should be packed, layering works well for this season.
  • Winter in Spain is similar to Britain so do pack warm clothes. Not surprisingly, it is also the rainiest of the seasons, so a waterproof coat/jacket or umbrella wouldn’t go a miss.