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Why tour Canada?

Oh Canada? Oh yes indeed! An incredible country full of remarkable features for the passionate traveller to take in, your Canada escorted tour with Travelsphere will give you an experience like no other. Viewed worldwide as a kind of modern utopia, Canada boasts an eclectic range of landscapes and scenery that’re sure to leave you spellbound; at the same time, its cities are well equipped for modern travellers looking for the comforts of home whilst overseas. From Niagara Falls to the Rocky Mountains and Lake Louise, there’s plenty on offer here for the avid adventurer. Whether you choose a grand tour of Canada or a more localised trip, there’s no doubt your time with Travelsphere will be extra special.

What's a guided holiday in Canada like?

With hospitality at its heart, Canada is always ready to welcome interested overseas explorers. Breath-taking surroundings are a staple of every one of our escorted tours, and you can see them all in a variety of ways – from boat rides to rail trips across Canada. You’ll always have ample opportunity to take the perfect pictures whilst on your tour; when it comes to Canada tour holidays, we want you to make as many unforgettable memories as your camera can hold. Check out Canada guided tours with Travelsphere and decide how you want to explore this magnificent country.

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Featured Escorted Tour Holidays in Canada

  1. Boat at Horseshoe Falls

    Canada's Eastern Splendours

    Canada’s rich history and immense beauty are yours to discover on this tour of iconic cities and natural wonders.

    • Travelsphere Private Chauffeur Service
    • Return flights
    • 10 nights great quality hotels plus 1 night in flight

    12 days from
    was £2,749.00
  2. Toronto & Niagara Winter Escape

    Discover Toronto's fantastic highlights and the magic of Niagara Falls of this wonderful winter break.

    • Travelsphere Private Chauffeur Service
    • Return flights
    • 5 nights in great quality hotels plus 1 night in flight

    9 days from
    was £1,699.00
  3. Rocky mountaineer

    Grand Tour of Canada & the Rocky Mountaineer

    The ultimate journey through Canada from east to west, plus a ride on the iconic Rocky Mountaineer train.

    • Travelsphere Private Chauffeur Service
    • Return flights
    • 15 nights in great quality hotels plus 1 night in flight plus 5 meals

    17 days from
    was £5,099.00
  1. Western Canada

    A Travelsphere escorted tour to west coast Canada is unforgettable - experience the magnificence of the Rockies and the vibrant city of Vancouver. For a once-in a lifetime trip, you may even choose to take a journey on board the iconic Rocky Mountaineer.

  2. Eastern Canada

    Eastern Canada boasts an array of vibrant and interesting cities but venture out of the cities and you’ll see incredible scenery at every turn including the mighty Niagara falls! 

Read All About It.... Canada

  1. Lake Louise in Winter

    A spectacular winter wonderland

    Tour Manager, Bob Van Beers shares some of his Rockies highlights with us.

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  2. Maple Syrup

    Banana & maple syrup cake

    No holiday to Canada would be complete without a tasting of maple syrup. It is used in a variety of recipes – why not have a go at making one of our favourites.

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  3. Quebec

    Best Places to Visit in Eastern Canada

    We take a closer look at four of Eastern Canada's most iconic cities - Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Quebec.

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  4. Moraine Lake

    Beyond the Guidebook | Canada

    Some of the Travelsphere team share the experiences you shouldn't miss on a trip to Canada.

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  5. Canadian Rockies & Rocky Mountaineer

    An Unforgettable Journey

    The Rocky Mountaineer powers through the Canadian Rockies giving its passengers the trip of a lifetime as it heads along the First Passage to the West.

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  6. Lake Louise, Banff

    So much to enjoy

    A richly varied country featuring everything from polar bears and cosmopolitan cities to snow-capped mountains and the most famous waterfall in the world – Canada genuinely has it all.

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  7. Istanbul's Grand Bazaar

    Amazing winter experiences

    There are some incredible experiences you could enjoy of a Travelsphere winter holiday - we share some of our highlights.

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  8. Japan Bullet Train

    Iconic train journeys

    There are so many reasons to ‘let the train take the strain’. Here are some of our favourite journeys by rail.

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Frequently asked Questions about Touring Canada

What are the best tours of Canada?

To really get to know this glorious country - there is no better experience than the Grand Tour of Canada - journeying from East to West and encompassing a ride on the iconic Rocky Mountaineer train. Alternatively, you can choose to take time in the East - enjoying the cosmopolitan city of Toronto in our Toronto and Niagara Winter Escape or explore all the way up to Quebec City on our Eastern Splendours tour.

What are the highlights of Canada?

With its unspoilt natural wonders including crystal clear lakes like Lake Louise, deep and vast forests and mountainous backdrops - most visitors to Canada would agree that the highlight of Canada is the landscape itself. And let's not forget the bucket list experience of a visit to the spectacular Niagara Falls!! 

However the cities of Canada deserve a mention here too - world famous for offering their residents high quality of life, clean living and vibrant, thriving environments. Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Quebec are places to behold.

What's the climate in Canada and what clothing should I pack to take on holiday to Canada?

The below guidelines apply mainly to the settled areas of southern Canada. Travellers heading to northern areas, such as the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Labrador, should bring warm clothing for all but the summer months (and even in summer, at least a lightweight jacket is advisable)

For all months of the year, we recommend layers of clothing. This will allow for any change in weather conditions. Although most of Canada can enjoy warm summer temperatures, one waterproof top is always useful for occasional rain.

March: Moderate temperatures. Winter clothing with some medium weight clothing.
April: Milder days but the evenings are cool. Medium weight clothing including a topcoat and umbrella is recommended.
May: Warm days but cool at night. Medium weight and summer clothing recommended.

June: Warm, summer clothing with some medium weight clothing for cool evenings. The weather in June is ideal for travel and all outdoor activities.
July/August: These are the warmest months of the year. Lightweight summer clothing is recommended.

September: Warm days and cool evenings. Light- to medium weight clothing recommended.
October: Cool, with the first frost in the air.
November: Cool to frosty. Medium- to heavyweight clothing is recommended. First signs of snow.
December/January/February: Winter temperatures. Winter clothing is necessary (eg overcoat, hat, boots and gloves). Heavy snowfall in most provinces.

In the winter months it is useful to take sunglasses with you as the reflection of the snow can be a strain on the eyes. Rubber soled shoes are also recommended.

What is the food & drink like in Canada?

Canadian cuisine is as varied as the country. The colonial influence is still strong, with European menus available in all major cities. The French influence in Québec is easily discernible in the many restaurants that specialise in French cuisine. Areas where particular groups of immigrants have settled have their own distinct specialties; look for German-style cuisine in south-western Ontario, Ukrainian dishes on the Prairies and Asian foods in Vancouver, for instance. Waiter service in restaurants is common. Dress requirements and billing procedures vary. Imported European and 'New World' wines and spirits are widely available.


  • The hundreds of miles of coastline offer varied seafood.
  • The central plains provide first-class beef and agricultural produce.
  • Some more unusual games meats include elk, bison and caribou
What are the time zones in Canada?

As Canada is such a vast country (3,000 miles from coast to coast), it has been divided into time zones.

  • Toronto is 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
  • Montreal is 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
  • Calgary is 7 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
  • Banff is 7 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
  • Vancouver is 8 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

From April to late October, Canada adopts ‘daylight saving time’, which is equivalent to our British Summer Time, so the time ratios remain the same between the two countries.