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A richly varied country featuring everything from Maori traditions to breathtaking fjord lands, New Zealand is a truly magical place. Chosen by film director Peter Jackson as the real-world setting of Middle-earth in his adaptations of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, it’s plain to see that New Zealand enchants all who walk on its soil. Both the North and the South Island offer some of the most jaw-dropping natural scenery available anywhere in the world, and there are plenty of interesting things to do whilst visiting both on your Travelsphere tour. When it comes to holidaying in New Zealand, we promise you'll have the time of your life with us.

Our New Zealand escorted tours are handcrafted to ensure there’s something for everyone’s taste. From the emerald-green landscapes, thermal springs and geysers of Rotorua and Napier to snow-capped mountains, shimmering glaciers and beautiful Milford Sound, avid nature lovers have a lot to get excited about. There's also time on our guided tours of New Zealand to explore Queenstown and the vibrant city of Christchurch, for those with more metropolitan interests. Discover New Zealand with Travelsphere and enjoy yourself in one of the most incredible places on Earth.

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Featured Escorted Tour Holiday to New Zealand

  1. Discover New Zealand

    This once-in-a-lifetime holiday to New Zealand features the best of both the North and South Islands.

    • Return flights
    • 18 nights in 3 to 4-star hotels plus 3 nights in flight
    • 20 meals: 18 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 1 dinner

    22 days from
    was £6,499.00
  2. Highlights of Australia with New Zealand Add-on

    Iconic cities, famous landmarks and natural wonders are waiting to be discovered as you journey from Melbourne to Brisbane. Then take a once-in-a-lifetime holiday to New Zealand featuring the best of both the North and South Islands

    • Return flights
    • 36 nights in 3 and 4-star hotels plus 3 nights in flight
    • 29 meals: 25 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners

    40 days from
    was £12,998.00
  3. The Wonders of Australia with New Zealand add-on

    Make the most of the journey by visiting both Australia and New Zealand. First, visit Australia, where this epic tour will introduce you to Australia's iconic cities; then, travel for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday to New Zealand, featuring the best of the North and South Islands.

    • Return flights
    • 34 meals: 28 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 2 dinners
    • 44 nights in 3 and 4-star hotels plus 2 nights in flight

    48 days from
    was £14,398.00

New Zealand Touring Holidays Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best tours to New Zealand?

As New Zealand is not much bigger than the UK, but quite a long haul journey, you would be best to cover the whole country in one fell swoop. The Discover New Zealand tour goes from Auckland to Pahia, Rotorua, to Wellington, Dunedin to Christchurch and much more along the way. A full top to bottom tour, covering an abundance of highlights including the Glow worm caves, Milford South, Lake Taupo, Paihia and an optional tour to Hobbiton.

What are the highlights of New Zealand?

New Zealand offers such a range of different scenery from the green vineyards and rain forests, to the white glaciers and bubbling geothermic pools. There is a lot crammed in to an island not much bigger than the UK, but with just under 5 million residents there is lots of room to sightsee without being overcrowded. The cities and towns are a sightseers dream too, packed full of nice cafes, museums and bars for a nice evening drink. The locals are welcoming and you won’t find any poisonous reptiles or spiders here!

The main highlights of New Zealand that you won’t want to miss are:

  • The Glow worm caves! Who would have thought insects could be striking – well these are. Look above you at the ceiling of this cave and you’d think you are looking at a galaxy of stars twinkling away in the darkness.
  • City lovers will want to explore Auckland. It’s the largest city in New Zealand, and known as the “City of Sails” for all the sail boats floating around the waters of this coastal city. Full of exciting nightlife, restaurants, shops, cafes and museums, there is something for everyone.
  • Wonder Hunters will want to see Milford South - This jaw-dropping natural wonder that Rudyard Kipling described as the 8th wonder of the world. Gigantic cliffs rising up, out of ocean. Its even more impressive when it rains, the water cascades down the rock face back into the fjords. Simply stunning.
  • Lake Taupo is a overwhelming vastness of water that flows rapidly into the impressive Huka Falls. Every second, around 220,000 litres of water pours through a narrow passage, and then rushes under a pedestrian bridge where you can stop and take in this awe-inspiring view.
  • Paihia – Animal lovers will want to grab a catamaran cruise from here to enjoy the variety of marine life, including bottlenose dolphins and fur seals
  • My precious, here’s a tour for you …. Hobbit lovers will want to go to the Hobbiton in Rotorua where they will be transported to the movie set of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogy. During the tour, you will see Hobbit Holes, the Mill and The Green Dragon Inn you’ll learn how this beautiful Waikato farmland was transformed into a magical movie set. Specially brewed beverages are available at The Green Dragon Inn to round off your tour.
What is the food like in New Zealand?

Being an island, seafood is plentiful and traditional fish and chips are a Friday favourite for the Kiwi’s. Another Kiwi favourite is Hokey Pokey Ice cream. A vanilla ice with honey comb pieces, this can be purchased from most cafes and shops over New Zealand.

Cheeses and bread are also popular staples and the Kiwis have created their own Brie and Camembert and also a sourdough bread using a potato starter instead of a yeast starter. A recipe worth taking home with you.

Something not to be missed is the Maori Traditional cooking method of hangi – where Chicken, lamb and fish are cooked by digging a hole in the earth, adding hot stones, wrapping the meat in flax leaves, and then covering the hole back up with the dug out mud. The process takes 3-4 hours but is a completely free way to cook your dinner!

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