Change Lives Through Travel

Our Travelsphere Cares programmes, in partnership with the Planeterra Foundation, support local projects and social enterprises by helping them earn an income from tourism. We simply donate a portion of the funds from our tours, so it’s great to know that when you travel with us you are helping to change lives and turn travel into real impact. Here are a few examples of initiatives we’ll be working with in 2022 and beyond.


    When you book our 'The Best of Costa Rica' tour, you are helping us to support the Mi Cafecito Coffee Tour. Mi Cafecito is a successful tourism and agriculture co-op. You'll Learn about the lives of Costa Rica's Coffee Producers and sample the coffee.


    The Sthree Café in Kandy works with women in the local community to increase their income, strengthen their financial independence, and help them become economically empowered. The Sthree Café employs local women, providing them with a fair wage and the skills and training needed to work in the service sector. The café serves fresh, locally sourced, seasonal vegetarian cuisine and provides a traditional Sri Lankan dining experience. You will visit the Sthree Café on our ‘Highlights of Sri Lanka’ tour.


    When you book our ‘Epic Wonders of The National Parks’ tour, you’re supporting the Planeterra and DinéHózhó project ‘Native Grill’ - a food truck run by a local Navajo family, which you will visit. DinéHózhó aims to provide economic opportunities to communities in Navajo Nation Indigenous-owned businesses connecting them to the tourist industry.


    The Ccaccaccollo Women’s Weaving Co-op supports a community close to the Inca Trail, funding training programmes to help bring back weaving traditions that have been lost over generations, and helping communities benefit from the tourism industry. 


    When you book a tour to Vietnam, you are helping to support the Oodles of Noodles project. A social enterprise which helps at risk youngsters.


    Our Grand Tour of India holiday includes a walk through Delhi with former street children who now work with the Salaam Baalak Trust. This charity does incredible work with these youngsters, not only teaching them skills to better their lives but also providing them with a warm bed at night, a hot meal each day and the chance of a brighter future.

We can take you there

  1. White-faced Capuchin monkeys, Costa Rica

    The Best of Costa Rica

    Nature-lovers will be enchanted by Costa Rica, taking in wonderful wildlife to volcanoes.

    • Travelsphere Private Chauffeur Service
    • Return flights
    • 10 nights in 3 and 4-star hotels, 1 night in flight and 16 meals

    12 days from
    was £3,099.00
  2. Sri Lanka

    Highlights of Sri Lanka

    If you're searching for a paradise island teeming with wildlife, incredible landscapes and a colourful culture, head to Sri Lanka.

    • Private Chauffeur Service, Free Airport Parking or £100 reduction if you make your own arrangements
    • Return flights
    • 11 nights  in 4 or 5-star hotels, 1 night in flight and 23 meals

    13 days from
    was £2,699.00
  3. National Parks of United States of America
    Best-seller in 2022

    Epic Wonders of the National Parks

    Be wowed by the scenery in eight of America's national parks on this incredible adventure, through seven different states.

    • Travelsphere Private Chauffeur Service
    • Return flights
    • 15 nights in good quality hotels, 1 night in flight and 17 meals

    17 days from
    was £3,549.00
  4. Epic Peru

    Epic Peru

    This intriguing country is like nowhere you've been before, where Incan ruins, lost civilisations and intoxicating landscapes are king.

    • Travelsphere Private Chauffeur Service
    • Return flights
    • 13 nights in 3 and 4-star hotels, 2 nights in flight and 19 meals

    16 days from
    was £3,699.00
  5. A Journey through Southeast Asia

    Vietnam's stunning Halong Bay, Cambodia's magnificent Angkor temples, Mount Phousi in Laos and a cruise of the Mekong to Thailand – this epic journey includes so much.

    • Travelsphere Private Chauffeur Service
    • Return flights
    • 18 nights in 3 or 4-star hotels, overnight cruise, 2 nights in flight and 43 meals

    22 days from
    was £4,399.00
  6. Vietnam and Cambodia

    Invitation to Vietnam & the Temples of Angkor

    This fascinating introduction to the diverse landscapes of Vietnam also includes a visit to Cambodia's Angkor temples.

    • Travelsphere Private Chauffeur Service
    • Return flights
    • 10 nights in 4-star hotels, overnight cruise plus 2 nights in flight plus 24 meals

    14 days from
    was £3,099.00