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Escorted Tours & Guided Holidays to Poland

Packed full of exciting things to see and do, Poland is one of Europe’s most picturesque countries. Home to woods, rivers, lakes and hills, the scenery here is nothing short of spectacular. With history reaching all the way back to the 10th century, there’s more than a thousand years of heritage to explore, including countless Second World War monuments that stand as testament to Poland’s incredible endurance and remarkable survival. With such a rich culture to be proud of and to indulge in, anyone can enjoy the charms of Poland. But if you want to make the most of this fascinating country, a Poland tour package with Travelsphere is definitely the way to go.

On Poland fully escorted tours with Travelsphere, you’ll get to explore energetic Warsaw and receive a greater insight into this intriguing city from both your specialist Holiday Director and knowledgeable Local Guide. All the capital’s highlights are yours to discover, including Castle Square, fronting the Royal Castle; Sigismund's Column – one of the city's most famous landmarks – and St John's Cathedral, regal and resplendent. You’ll also get to walk through Market Square, where the Monument of Warsaw's Uprising stand proudly for you to admire. A scenic drive along the Royal Route, lined with gorgeous aristocratic residences, and a visit to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier are both on the cards, too. So, what are you waiting for? Uncover Poland’s many treasures with a little help from Travelsphere!


Featured Escorted Tour Holiday in Poland

  1. Grand Baltic Explorer

    Discover five countries on this epic journey from Finland to Poland, travelling through the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

    • Return flights
    • 9 nights in 4-star hotels
    • 13 meals: 9 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 3 dinners

    10 days from
    was £2,249

Featured Escorted Tour Holiday in Poland

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Touring holidays to Poland frequently asked questions

What are the best tours to Poland?

The main highlight of Poland lies with its Capital City Warsaw. Both modern and historical can be seen and experienced within a few days. if you're looking for a longer holiday then why not hop to neighbouring countries to have a wider exploration? If island hopping is on the agenda then Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland make good options and we have a tour that will take you to all of them.

Our Grand Baltic Explorer lets you discover five countries in one! Our epic journey take you from Finland to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and finally Poland. The Finnish capital of Helsinki is your first destination - a vibrant seaside city with sightseeing highlights including Senate Square, the Presidential Palace and the incredible Sibelius Monument. Your journey then continues to Tallinn in Estonia, via Gauja National Park, whose scenic beauty compares to that of Switzerland. Enjoy a scenic drive to Latvia via Turaida Castle and the town of Sigulda, before arriving at the picturesque capital of Riga, where sightseeing highlights include a Riga Castle, the Dome Cathedral and a fascinating open-air museum. Next is Vilnius in Lithuania, whose medieval Old Town is one of the largest in Europe. Your final destination is Warsaw and a two-night stay in Poland's capital gives you plenty of time to explore

What are the highlights of Poland?

The main highlight of Poland lies with its Capital City Warsaw. Both modern and historical can be seen and experienced. For starters, Wasaw old town could in theory be renamed “new town” having been rebuilt from the wreckage of the German invasion of 1939 and subsequently followed by further decimation by the Ghetto uprising in 1943 and again in 1944. By 1945 it was fair to say that 85% of the city was irreversibly destroyed. Nowadays you can walk the streets of the Old Town without even realising the carnage that took place. The old town now houses streets lined with brightly coloured, beautiful architecture.

For the History lover you’ll be pleased to hear that the main landmarks are easily accessible being on a single axis, from Castel square heading south for about 15km where you’ll pass palaces, churches, famous parks and stunning townhouses till you find yourself ending up at Wilanow Palace.

The POLIN museum is also a must see. In its 8 galleries you can see the long history of Jews in Poland, with a mixture of artefacts, reconstructions and interactive displays to explain how Poland became the home for Europe’s largest Jewish community.

Having seen all you need to in Poland, many travellers hop to neighbouring countries to have a wider exploration. If island hopping is on the agenda then Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland make good options and we have a tour that will take you to all of them.

What is the food like in Poland?

The polish love their food nearly as much as their Vodka! They eat a variety of meat, pickled vegetables and many variations of dumplings.

  • Golonka Gotowana - Ham hocks, when made the traditional way are so tender they literally fall off the bone. Boiled, then roasted and served with roasted vegetables, jacket potatoes with cottage style cheese and some famous Polish sauerkraut.
  • Pierogi – Dumplings – Probably the most popular Polish dish. Thinly rolled-out dough filled with a variety of savoury or sweet fillings. The most popular fillings are various meats, fried onions, vegetables, mushrooms, sauerkraut, spinach, buckwheat, potatoes, and cottage cheese with raisins. Typically boiled and served with onions on top.
  • Bigos – Hunters stew, is a rich hearty stew made with various chopped meats, herbs and spices, shredded fresh cabbage and sauerkraut. It’s a dish served alone with no accompaniments and you’ll find that the recipe generally changes from one restaurant to another.
  • Kotlet Schabowy – Pork in breadcrumbs – similar to Schnitzel, but thicker. It’s a pork cutlet in a breadcrumb coating. Typically served with boiled potatoes and warm beets or sauerkraut.
  • Pyzy & Knedle – Dumplings - Pyzy is a large oval-shaped dumpling filled with meat and cheese or a mushroom stuffing. They are then boiled and served with some fried chopped meat and fresh herbs. They are big and filling so expect to only get 2 or 3 per serving. Knedle are the sweet variant, made from potato dough and filled with fruit such plums.

Aside from Vodka, tea is a very popular drink in Poland and is often served with a slice of lemon slice and/or sugar. Milk is not a usual accompaniment so make sure to request it if asking for tea while in Poland.

What is the best time to visit Poland?

You can visit Poland pretty much any time of the year but the most popular time for sightseeing tends to be during the dry, warm summer months of June to August. However, if you prefer to avoid the crowds then spring is a great month to still enjoy the warmer weather.