What To Expect From Your Holiday In Europe

A continent of culture, custom and craftsmanship across many fields, the reasons why so many people choose to visit Europe are countless. Despite being deeply rooted in the modern age, one of the most fascinating things about Europe is how each of its countries exhibits an assortment of ancient traditions while keeping its own firm grip on the 21st century.

So, with such a world-class mix of the old and the new, what exactly can you expect when you take a European holiday? We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to ensure you’re fully prepared, highlighting some of the most interesting features you’ll find in Europe on tours with Travelsphere.

More mountains than you could possibly imagine

Whether wanderer or simple sightseer, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in the mountains of Europe. Their setting has inspired creativity for generations; Byron's expedition to the Swiss mountains helped further unlock his artistic excellence, and the European tradition of landscape painting owes much to these impressive peaks.

From the amazing apices of Austria to the spectacular summits of Switzerland, it’ll be hard not to fall in love with the vast expanses of European mountain ranges. Their striking intensity combined with the fact that there’re so many of them means you can really reconnect with nature and fully appreciate the sublime ambience they help create.

Reaching for new heights on your holiday in Europe is easy with so many magnificent mountains to choose from. On the continent, opportunities to experience their awe-inspiring beauty are ample, and there’s a good chance you’ll get to explore them up close and personal!

Lakes by which you can lose yourself

When was the last time you allowed yourself time to properly unwind and disconnect from the routines and regular stresses of life? We’re willing to bet it’s been a while.

If you’re the sort of person that likes to de-stress amid the quiet comforts of nature (we’re with you on that!), then the lakes of Europe are most definitely for you. With so many excellent lakes to go to, you’re truly spoilt for choice; whether lazing on the shores of Lake Maggior or enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime leisure experience in the Austrian Lakes, the possibilities are endless.

Taking time to savour the sanctuary of the continent’s lakes is an absolute must during your holiday in Europe. The beauty and peace you’re bound to discover by the water’s edge promises to be next to none.

A truly moveable feast

Hemingway may’ve used ‘a moveable feast’ to refer exclusively to Paris, but we feel the phrase is well suited to the whole of Europe. After all, it’s the continent where visitors are treated to some of the most scrumptious food in the entire world.

Whatever your favourite flavour, you’ll find it on your holiday in Europe. With dozens of delectable dishes on offer – from medleys originating in medieval Italy to cornerstones of Croatian cooking – your taste buds will be tingling in no time.

Most, if not all, the meals offered on our tours are delicious. If you’re looking for feelgood food to complement your trip, you won’t be disappointed.

Captivating capital cities

Ancient architecture, pristine palaces, stately squares – European capital cities are famous for their incredible impact on all who visit them. With such a wide selection of capitals to choose from, deciding where to begin your holiday in Europe is sure to be the toughest part of your entire trip.

It doesn’t take too much to fully immerse yourself in the vibrancy of city life, and because every European capital has its own unique cultural identity, you’ll be treated to sights and sounds that’ll invigorate not only the capitals' streets but also your heart, so be prepared for experiences you never thought you’d have!

You’re sure to find something to keep you entertained while touring the continent’s capitals. Whether walking the walls of Dubrovnik or exploring the intricacies of imperial cities; old-fashioned or modern-day – no matter what your tastes, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be living like a local in Europe’s dazzling metropolises.

Regions renowned throughout the world

Of course, it’s not just Europe’s major cities that draw in visitors from across the globe. The continent just so happens to be home to some of the world’s most iconic regions, which are only too happy to welcome tourists into their communities.

Whether getting to know the treasures of Tuscany or embracing the spirit of Andalucía, discovering all that Europe’s world-renowned regions have to offer is now easier than ever. From horse shows to hilltop villages, bull farms to the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci himself; whatever your interests, there are plenty of fun things to see and do while touring the most celebrated regions on the continent.

If you’re looking for full cultural immersion during your holiday in Europe, tours of its regions are a sure-fire way to make it happen. Think about how good it’ll feel tasting traditional Chianti wine on a high terrace while savouring spectacular views of the picturesque Tuscan countryside, or how amazing it’ll be soaking up the sunsets of the Opatija Riviera with a refreshing beverage in hand. Now, doesn’t that sound just perfect?  

Itinerary-worthy islands

Living the life of an islander is easy on the continent; there are so many scattered about – each with distinctive character and ambience – that it’s difficult deciding which ones to visit first. As hubs of tradition and authenticity, the islands of Europe continue to prove popular among visitors looking for a truly genuine continental experience.

With a relaxed feel and plentiful attractions to excite the senses, European islands are ideal places to tour; for instance, Malta is a mesmerising destination that has a definite charm to it with a mild climate and a rich history and heritage; whilst exploring Croatia’s picturesque islands and historic coastal towns from the comfort of an exclusively chartered cruise ship is a delightful way to travel.

You’re also likely to find superb examples of European architecture, wholly undisturbed thanks to the distance between the mainland. From majestic monasteries to stirring statues, the human influence on the islands of Europe is wondrous to behold.

With so many exciting things to experience, your holiday in Europe promises to be memorable for all the right reasons. Discover a range of European tours and choose what shape you want your adventures to take.

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