Eat your way around the world

You can’t really say you’ve travelled if you’ve not tried the local culinary delights. Our tours not only give you the chance to do just that, but sometimes you get to rustle up a dish for yourself!


With Arabic, Jewish and French influences, the cuisine of this North African country is full of flavour and laced with subtle spices. In an optional cookery class on our A Moroccan Journey tour, you’ll learn how to rustle up perfectly fluffy couscous and a mouth-watering tagine. Cooked in an earthenware pot of the same name, a tagine is a great souvenir to take back home.


The Argentines are renowned for producing superb beef, so make sure you order a steak in Buenos Aires. If your Spanish is not quite up to scratch, don’t worry, on our Chile, Argentina & Brazil tour we’ll teach you to order yours cooked to perfection on an optional dining experience. We’ll also show you how to roll an empanada.


Get your chopsticks at the ready and enjoy a culinary adventure on our Japan – Land of the Rising Sun tour. Must-try dishes are the noodle soup ramen and okonomiyaki, which is batter and cabbage cooked on a griddle and topped with anything from meat and seafood to wasabi and cheese. Sushi is high on the list too, and as well as eating this exquisitely presented delicacy, you’ll also see exactly how it’s made.


Served hot or cold and typically eaten in bars with a drink, the small dishes known as tapas are enjoyed all over the world. However, this tradition started in Spain, Seville to be exact, so there’s nowhere better to try spicy patatas bravas, marinated anchovies and shrimps in garlic sauce all washed down with a chilled sherry. Get your fill on our A Week in Andalucia and An Andalucian Discovery holidays.

The Netherlands

Sometimes it’s not what you eat but where you eat it that makes an experience extra special. On our Amsterdam in Full Bloom tour you could opt to take a relaxing cruise that as well as having a delicious lunch on the menu, also includes the chance to admire the beautiful scenery lining the city’s picturesque canals.

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    A Moroccan Journey

    Explore bustling souks, unique historical cities, soaring mountains and sweeping Saharan dunes. Includes....

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    • Return flights
    • 9 nights in 4-star hotels and 15 meals

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  2. Japan - land of the rising sun

    Japan - Land of the Rising Sun

    Discover the unforgettable highlights of Japan including an incredible high-speed ride on the Bullet Train.

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    • Return flights
    • 10 nights in 3 & 4-star hotels, 2 nights in flight and 14 meals

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  3. Andalucia

    A Week in Andalucia

    This relaxing holiday gives you the chance to unwind and soak up the sun whilst discovering the best of Andalucía.

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    • Return flights
    • 7 nights in a 4-star hotel and 15 meals

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  4. brazil

    Chile, Argentina & Brazil

    A chance to explore breathtaking sights in three fascinating South American countries.

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    • Return flights
    • 11 nights in 4 and 5-star hotels, 2 nights in flight plus 12 meals

    14 days from
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