From Grape to Glass - Italy's Wine Culture

Italy’s fascinating wine culture is steeped in history. The country produces the largest range of wines in Europe; it’s clear the passion of wine-making runs deep in Italian culture, with some traditions dating back 3,000 years. Italians believe the table is bare without a fine wine – but where should you go to discover ancient traditions and glorious flavour palates?

Chianti, The Capital Of Italian Wine Production?

Exhilarating and peaceful, the fabled Chianti wine region encompasses picturesque Florence, Siena and Arezzo and is full to the brim of vineyards. Chianti is at the heart of Tuscany’s famous vineyards, perfectly placed among rolling hills and stunning countryside.

Share the Italian Passion

Take a winery tour through the historic 300-year -old underground cellars of Castello di Verrazzano, an iconic castle that has remained unchanged for 1,000 years. You’ll learn all about the production of creating world-class wine from the experts. Discover why Chianti wine has such a fantastic reputation and of course sample the fruits of their labour – there are 33 wines local to this area alone! Enjoy a glass accompanied with Pecorino cheese on the rooftop terrace, gazing out at the lush Tuscan landscape.

Let’s Get Fizzical

While prosecco has taken the UK by storm, another sparkling Italian secret is Franciacorta, a drier, richer wine that has more in common with Champagne. Widely considered Italy’s finest sparkling wine, it’s produced in the traditional method in a quaint town near Lake Iseo called Brescia, Lombardy.

Italy’s Best Kept Secret

As Franciacorta wines are a little more under the radar, the winery tours here feel more personal and casual. Enjoy a walk through the vineyards at Al Rocol, a 4th generation family winery and experience a wine tasting plus a traditional three-course meal made from local produce in the farmhouse.

For the Love Of Wine, Try Amarone

When in Verona, soak up the romantic ambience with a trip to the Valpolicella wine region. Wine connoisseurs will love learning the details of what goes into making this rich, full bodied Amarone wine. Discover how this unique red wine has a special production process from grape to glass. After your tour, indulge in a wine tasting, accompanied with locally produced meats and cheeses from the Valpolicella area. Wherever you go in Italy, with an incredible 350 types of grape grown in the country, you’re bound to find something you enjoy.

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