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Vast plains and deserts, dense forests and stunning sandy beaches, coupled with iconic cities and plenty of fascinating history make North and Central America unforgettable holiday destinations. Witness immense natural beauty, from the world-famous Niagara Falls to the spectacular Rocky Mountains – both of which are sure to take your breath away. Head to Mexico to absorb its vibrant atmosphere and uncover its intriguing history, or explore Costa Rica with its spectacular views, lush scenery and exotic wildlife. Peru is shrouded in mystery while Cuba promises a glimpse into the past.

North America is a continent painted on a grand canvas, blessed with extraordinary cities and a landscape of icy wildernesses, wide plains, stunning lakes and canyons, vast deserts and lush jungle.

Canada offers the charm and elegance of Toronto and French-influenced Quebec plus outstanding attractions such as Niagara Falls and the Rockies, while the US really is a world in one country. You can relax on Miami’s beaches; dance to the music of Memphis, Nashville and New Orleans; explore sophisticated New York, cosmopolitan San Francisco and historic Boston; and marvel at the great prairies of the Midwest and the national parks.

Into Mexico, the heat intensifies and the history stretches back further, to the days of the Aztec and Mayan civilisations. Lovers of birdlife and flora will cherish Costa Rica, whose deep jungles are home to countless species, while the Caribbean's jewel is perhaps communist Cuba, famed for its vintage cars, cigars, music and splendid colonial buildings.

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