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The contrasts of Japan are startling. Big cities such as Tokyo and Osaka dazzle with bright lights and high-tech gadgetry, while in countryside villages and enclaves of historic cities such as Kyoto and Nara, centuries-old Japanese culture is alive and well. An escorted tour to Japan offers the opportunity to experience the extraordinary history of this fascinating and mysterious country, while enjoying the comfort and excitement of a hi-tech culture.

Since 1950, Japan has seen exceptional economic growth, becoming one of the world's most powerful economies; bustling cities burst with skyscrapers, bullet trains, trendy nightlife and endless shopping opportunities. Yet, its ancient influences are still prevalent - this is the realm of the exquisite art of the geisha and the skill of the sumo wrestler, where lively age-old festivals are celebrated, and food is elevated to an art form. Providing an antidote to the rush-rush of modern life are soothing onsen (hot spring resorts) and beautifully manicured zen rock gardens.

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A Japanese Journey

Japan is a country of contrasts; modern cities are balanced by traditional towns and villages all-encompassing the country’s history and culture. Here are some of our favourite places to visit on a tour to Japan...

Japan - a place like no other

From bustling Tokyo and the famous bullet trains to peaceful temples, beautiful Geisha and traditional tea houses – Japan has it all and more…

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