Croatia Travel Experiences | Beyond the Guidebook

If you can't decide on the best things to see and do in Croatia - why not take five minutes and get the inside scoop from three members of the Travelsphere team.

Untouched Beauty

Krka National ParkMaja Ester Babić
I absolutely love visiting Krka National Park and its waterfalls because you are surrounded by the sounds of nature and you can’t help but feel the power of the water. The peace and the sounds of the waterfalls make me delight in coming back again and again and my groups adore this natural environment every time. You can even take a dip in the water for a swim, if you fancy it!

There are so many beautiful islands to visit on a holiday to Croatia and Korčula is my personal favourite. It’s the amazing view all around the old town that really makes it for me – along with the amazing local food available there. It’s still so authentic, with shops selling goods made in Croatia (look out for red corals like nowhere else). Then beauty and atmosphere of the whole island is really quite enchanting.

Idyllic Islands

Croatian IslandsCharlotte Field
The island of Solta is a completely unexpected delight! So many of the other islands off the coast of Dubrovnik are better-known, so Solta stands out as a real hidden gem. The beauty of it is that where you dock in the tiny fishing village of Stomorska (with only 250 residents), there are hardly any tourist boats. Travelsphere charters an exclusive small ship which can sail to places other boats can’t reach!

Take the time to stroll and discover the amazing restaurants looking out over the sea – and sample its treasures, including honey extra-virgin olive oil or superb red wine made from indigenous island grapes. It’s truly picture-perfect - tiny wooden fishing boats, fishermen bringing back their catches from the day straight to the restaurants or their homes, and such friendly people - as is the case throughout Croatia, of course!

Unique History

Croatia CravatDarija Stipanic
Croatia is full of stories and legends, and one of the best parts of my job as a Holiday Director is passing these on to the group as we travel around together. I tell the little-known story of the role Croatia played in the naming of the necktie! In the 17th century, during the Thirty Years War in France, thousands of Croatian soldiers (the military unit known as the Croats) went to France to fight for King Louis XIII. Around their necks, they tied a piece of red cloth, given to them by their mothers or sweethearts as a symbol of good luck. King Louis was so taken with the look that in honour of the Croats, he named this item of clothing ‘La Cravate’ – still the name of a necktie in France today.

And did you know that Croatia secured the world record for the world’s longest neck tie measuring 808 metres? It was tied around the amphitheatre in Pula, Croatia on 18 October 2003.

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