Top 10 books to inspire you to travel the world

There are so many sources of travel inspiration - friends, family, social media, television and of course books. From the well-researched travel-guides, to cookbooks that titillate your tastebuds, travelogues and of course a well-written piece of fiction that brings the destination in which it is set to life.

We’ve picked out our top 10 books from over the years that will feed your wanderlust….

Shadow of the Wind, Carlos Ruiz Zafon

The Shadow of the Wind is one of a series of books that make up the “Cemetery of Forgotten Books”.  As this thrilling mystery is a story within a story takes us back to the rich setting of post-war Barcelona. The book highlights many sites of the city as well as off-the-beaten track squares and alleyways as the protagonist of the story seeks out the truth about a mysterious book.  

1,000 Places to see before you die, Patricia Schultz

Perhaps one of the best-selling travel guides in the world, at over 1,000 pages, this doorstop of a book is an encyclopaedia of the must-visit places that should be on every travellers’ wish list. Through lively text and beautiful images, she explains why each listed destination offers a unique experience from exploring Angkor Wat, one of the world’s premier architectural sites to discovering the idyllic harbours and famous retreats of the Italian Riviera ….and everything in between.

Rick Stein’s India

India is perceived to be an attack of the senses and it is - in an incredibly wonderful way.  With this book, Rick journeys through India and brings to life some of the magnificent colours, aromas and tastes that can be experiences through his recipes. From a creamy curry to a crispy street snack – bring the flavours of India to your own kitchen.

The Motorcycle Diaries, Ernesto “Che” Guevara

The Motorcycle Diaries, written around 8 years before the Cuban Revolution, are the memoirs of Che Guevara’s journey by (an at times temperamental) motorbike across South America. With his friend Alberto Granado, they travel through Argentina, Chile, Peru and Venezuela. Their journey is full of discoveries, disasters and drama – but most importantly it was an adventure that transformed Guevara into the Revolutionary he eventually became. 

Down Under, Bill Bryson

This laugh-out-loud book tells the story of Bill Bryson’s travels in Australia. In a land where the sun nearly always shines, he discovered cheerful people, excellent food and refreshing cold beer – a must-read for anyone lured by the wonders of this land Down Under.

Around the World in 80 Days, Michael Palin

 ‘Around the World in 80 Days with Michael Palin,’ the incredible story of a fascinating journey. Back in 1988, Michael Palin set out to circumnavigate the world, following the route of Phileas Fogg. He had to make the journey in 80 days using only the modes of transport that would have been available to Fogg. This fabulous book tells the story of his adventure, which was also broadcast as a BBC TV series.

Don’t Go There! Adam Fletcher

In this book Adam travels to and explores a few of the more unusual places to visit, and it’s fair to say that bad luck follows him wherever he goes. The storytelling of his adventures to China, Turkey and some more obscure parts of the world, has you laughing out loud at his misfortune and wondering how it could be true. Despite all of his experiences, you still want to follow in his footsteps to see some of the incredible places he has visited.

Inca-Kola: A Traveller’s Tale of Peru, Matthew Parris

This hilarious book is a must-read if you’re planning a trip to South America. It tells the story of Matthew Parris’s trip around Peru and describes the great adventures he experienced with humour and a sense of fun. If you enjoy a giggle and are interested in learning more about Peru, order your copy today!.

The Elephant Whisper, Lawrence Anthony

Lawrence Anthony was a South African conservationist who was asked to accept a heard of rogue elephants on his game reserve. While his initial thought was to refuse, he was the herd’s ‘last chance’ of survival. This book talks about how he risked his life creating bonds with the various characters in the herd – eventually persuading them to stay at Thula Thula.

Eating Viet Nam: Dispatches from a Blue Plastic Table, Graham Holliday

Graham Holliday is a freelance journalist and blogger who grew up in a small town in England with little desire to travel. Fast forward to his early twenties and his curiosity was sparked to travel to Vietnam. This book is a funny and charming chronicle of his move to Hanoi and quest to find real Vietnamese food, sharing every bite of the culinary ‘delights’ he eventually came to love.

We can take you there....

  1. The Italian Riviera, Portofino & the Cinque Terre

    Revel in the glamour and scenic highlights of the Italian Riviera as you explore by road, rail and boat.

    • Return flights
    • 7 nights half-board in a 4-star hotel
    • 15 meals: 7 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 7 dinners and welcome drink

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  2. Treasures of Turkey

    Delve into the rich culture and history of Turkey on an intoxicating journey across this incredible land.

    • Return flights
    • 11 nights in 4-star hotels and 23 meals
    • 23 meals: 11 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 10 dinners

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  3. Highlights of Australia

    Iconic cities, famous landmarks and natural wonders are waiting to be discovered as you journey from Melbourne to Brisbane.

    • Return flights
    • 18 nights in 3 and 4-star hotels plus 3 nights in flight
    • 9 meals: 7 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 1 dinner

    22 days from
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  4. A Journey through Southeast Asia

    Vietnam's stunning Halong Bay, Cambodia's magnificent Angkor temples, Mount Phousi in Laos and a cruise of the Mekong to Thailand – this epic journey includes so much.

    • Return flights
    • 18 nights in 3 or 4-star hotels, overnight cruise, 2 nights in flight
    • 43 meals: 19 breakfasts, 14 lunches, 10 dinners

    22 days from
    was £4,999