Things to Do in Las Vegas During the Day

Las Vegas is simply amazing. It’s like Disney World for grown-ups: filled with plenty of thrills, experiences and colourful characters – and so much more besides. What happens here stays with you forever, the city being the perfect place for making memories and sharing adventures. And we can bet on one thing – when it’s time for you to do some exploring on your own, you’ll want to make the absolute most of it.

When you think of Vegas, you probably think of a few of the landmarks (the neon-soaked Strip, the Bellagio fountains, the Hard Rock Hotel, amongst others) that have enticed tourists over the years; countless people continue to be captivated and wonderfully mesmerised by all the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’ has to offer. Yet – despite the city’s reputation for a nightlife scene like no other – you can have just as much fun during the day. With everything to do at night, it’s easy to forget that your Vegas to-do list can be worked through with the sun shining overhead, and when you’ve got a whole day in which to explore and discover.

If you need help finding some fun things to do in Las Vegas during the day, Travelsphere has an excellent list to get you started. On our guided tours, you can expect a perfect balance of included excursions and free time, meaning you’ll have plenty of opportunities to experience the very best of the city when it’s daytime. If you choose one of our handcrafted tours of North America that takes you via Las Vegas, we urge you to make every second count – it’s too good a destination in which to keep things relaxed. Embrace everything on what promises to be the holiday of your dreams!

Las Vegas History

A little Las Vegas history goes a long way on a Travelsphere tour. Not many people see Vegas as a historical hub, but it’s full of more culturally significant showcases than it gets credited for. This city is home to a wonderfully diverse range of artefacts and displays that tell not only of its own history but also of events that have shaped the United States as a whole. From museums to exhibitions, it’s always wildly entertaining when you go looking for a slice of rich, complex Las Vegas history. 

A great place to start your historical journey through Las Vegas is the immersive, sprawling Titanic exhibit. Located at the fabulous Luxor Las Vegas, ‘Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition’ brings together objects from arguably the world’s most famous shipwreck, including luggage, whistles, floor tiles and even an unopened bottle of Champagne with a 1900 vintage. Also featuring a full-scale recreation of the ship’s Grand Staircase, you’ll get to enjoy all the charms of being aboard the Titanic without so much as a drop of tragedy.

Another way to savour the city’s history a bit more is by visiting one or more of its prized institutions; for instance, there are many museums in Las Vegas that are as eye-opening as they are gripping. You’ll find reminders of a turbulent past – like the National Atomic Testing Museum – out in the open for all to see, and you absolutely must head to the Neon Museum at some point: a daytime-only attraction where you’ll discover iconic Las Vegas signs spanning from the 1930s to the early ‘90s. Wherever you decide to go, you’re guaranteed to have a great time and create lasting memories, because hey, it’s Vegas, and you’re a history buff who’s free to explore at leisure.

Nature Lovers’ Paradise

Whether it’s wildlife or wild places you’re passionate about, Las Vegas has no shortage of attractions aimed at getting you reacquainted with the natural world. Across the city, you’ll find a whole host of experiences and venues where nature is the main attraction. Expect everything from seamless performances to vivid, seasonal scenes as you wander Las Vegas on the lookout for an environmental extravaganza that both celebrates and glories in all the flora and fauna of our planet.

You can’t come to Vegas without seeing Siegfried & Roy. As one of the city’s most beloved entertainment duos, their secret garden and dolphin habitat gives you an up-close look at some of the world’s most exotic creatures. Likewise, you should take a trip to the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, where there are more beautiful plants, flowers and trees than you could possibly imagine. It’s got an ever-changing natural vibe and is known for its theatrical presentation, which changes five times a year (here each of the four seasons is celebrated, as well as Chinese New Year). Looking for versatility and vibrancy? You’ll find both in equal measure among the nature of Las Vegas.

Elevated Experiences

One of the best ways to see Las Vegas during the day is by going up, up, up – as high as you can, really. Experiencing the city from a completely different perspective is sure to enrich your Travelsphere holiday, complementing the countless additional excursions you’ll have already enjoyed. If you can handle heights, an introduction to the rising (pardon the pun) stars of the Las Vegas attractions scene may well be in order.

For unrivalled views, the Stratosphere Observation Deck is one of the city’s most impressive vantage points thanks to its extraordinary panoramas. It also boasts a casino and full-service bar, offering visitors an exhilarating way to spend the day. Another site known for serving up incredible outlooks is the High Roller, which takes you right up into the Las Vegas skyline. Located at the LINQ, this Ferris wheel lets you relax in a spherical cabin while offering some of the best views of the city. And afterwards, you can look forward to indulging in a spot of daytime entertainment; the LINQ itself boasts an incredible array of stores, restaurants and entertainment venues – like the magnificent Brooklyn Bowl – that perfectly complement the overall High Roller experience. If you like indulging your adventurous side, both the Stratosphere and the High Roller offer excitement in abundance.

Another thrilling option when it comes to enjoying your free time in the city with Travelsphere is paying a visit to the Eiffel Tower Experience Las Vegas. At one of its most premium attractions, you’ll be met with amazing sights; featuring 360-degree views, knowledgeable ambassadors are on hand to point out iconic Las Vegas landmarks. You should also be sure to stop for a bite a few stories down at the 11th floor Eiffel Tower Restaurant and visit the Total Snapshot kiosk to purchase a commemorative photo of your ‘France in Vegas’ experience in the sky. It’s a perfect keepsake for an unforgettable moment on what has undoubtedly been the trip of a lifetime so far.

If you thought it was only the nightlife that made Las Vegas special, be warned: it truly doesn’t have anything on the diversity of things to do in the city during the day. Although there’s no getting away from the fact that night-time Las Vegas provides an atmosphere for vibrancy – in all its forms – to thrive, there’s an energy and excitement in the city during the day that’s just incomparable. So, if you’re looking for a fun time where there’s so much on offer for Travelsphere tourists at leisure, you’ll find it here in daytime Las Vegas.  

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