Customer Interview with Melanie & Sophie

In March 2022, mother and daughter travelling duo, Melanie & Sophie, joined a Travelsphere tour to Jordan. We had a quick chat with them to talk about their adventures.

How many holidays have you been on with Travelsphere

[Sophie] This is our first. We’ve done other touring holidays but never with Travelsphere. It’s been amazing, we’ve really enjoyed it.

And why did you choose Jordan?

[s] We’re trying to do all the seven wonders currently so this is our 5th and we’re trying to tick off all 7 wonders as mum and daughter and we’re trying to explore the world.

What’s next on your tick list?

[S] the last two wonders
[Melanie] South America, we’ve not done any of South America at all. I’ve always wanted to go to Brazil anyway. Christ the Redeemer and then Machu Picchu in Peru, there is another holiday I think you do that covers those so I’m going to investigate that when we get back for definite. See if we can book it in.
[S] And complete the list

And why do you choose a guided holiday?

[M] You get more out of it. You can visit these places on your own but the guide tells you things that I would never know about if I didn’t come on a guided tour. I learned years ago that you get a lot more out of your holidays doing a guided tour.
[s] I think they often know the hidden secrets as well - the quirky bits about an area or country that if you came on your own you might miss. They’ll know the thing down the alleyway, or round the corner that you would just walk by, but they point it out or take you to the interesting restaurants or areas that you might not think to look for if you were on your own. And they give you bits of information that you wouldn’t even know about.
[M] We don’t want to just do tourist stuff we want to get a proper experience, feel the culture. So it’s nice not to stay in generic hotels, it’s like the village – that was a lovely place to stay.
[S] You feel like you’re immersing yourself in the area.

What has been your stand-out moment on this trip?

[M] It’s got to be Petra for me to be honest
[S] 100% Petra. It was incredible. We were aware of what Petra was but it was 10 times better. We didn’t know half of the things. Mohammad – oh my gosh the information, he’s so knowledgeable anyway, but the things he told us about, the things he showed us. Walking there was incredible, then seeing it all and then walking up to the Monastery. it was a massive achievement to get up there. And then I loved the star-gazing as well.
[M] Yes the star gazing experience was amazing, loved it – so worth doing. We were so lucky to see what we could with the telescopes.
[S] We’ve had such an amazing time.
[M] I didn’t realise Petra was as big as it was. I thought it was just the Treasury and the Monastery but all the other things that you get to see as well is quite amazing.

How would you rate Travelsphere as a company and what we provide on tour?

[S] Incredible.
[M] Yes. I’ve been with other touring companies so I benchmark everything against that previous experience and it’s been really good I’ve been impressed.
[S] Really enjoyed it
[M] And, you offer more perhaps than some do and that’s the reason I picked the holiday. What you offer, where you go and what to see.
[S] And everyone is happy, everyone on the tour, all the other guys, everyone’s having such a good time.
[M] It’s been lovely

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    Jordan's Ancient Wonders

    Discover historic and biblical sites, explore the 'Lost City' of Petra and soak up magical desert landscapes as you immerse yourself in Jordan's treasures.

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    • 7 nights in 4-star hotels, 1 night in a Desert Camp
    • 13 meals: 7 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 5 dinners

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