Why Lake Garda Should be on Your Wish List

Lake Garda, is the largest lake in the whole of Italy. The wider part of the lake, located in the South, is surrounded by hills that were left following a historical glacier recession. The narrower part of the lake is enclosed by mountains- this is what creates its iconic fjord shape, and encourages the pleasant and mild Mediterranean climate.
The air, climate and surroundings allow for rich and flourishing vegetation- towering trees, brightly coloured flowers, not to forget the fragrant olive trees, olive and lemon groves. Along with the stunning and majestic landscapes, there are the remarkable historical and cultural essences that make for the most charming lake in Italy.

The lake glistens with an intense colour of blue and transparency, Lake Garda is a unique and exciting spot where visitors can enjoy a full range of exploring, sightseeing, relaxation and the excitement of discovering new places.


For culture, art and history buffs Lake Garda offers a variety of medieval towns and villages nestled within churches, walls and towers and elegant villas favoured by royalty dotted around the shores. Should you explore just a little further you will find an endless list of; museums, sightseeing, churches, holy sites, nature sites and archaeological sites.


There are three regions that that surround Lake Garda, each offering their own character, charm, culture- not to forget local cuisine and delicious wines. One of the most typical and tasty products you will find in the area is extra virgin olive oil and limoncino liquor. The lake is not short of vineyards either, with an endless production list of Merlot, Cabernet and Vino Santo.