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As you would imagine, lion, elephant, leopard and rhino, all appear on the list but one surprise might be the Cape buffalo. Not only do these horned bovines make the ‘Big Five’ ahead of giraffe or zebra, but they're arguably the most temperamental beasts of the lot!

Search for the ‘Big Five’

The ‘Big Five’ was so named not because of their size but because of the difficulty and danger involved in hunting them on foot in a bygone era. Thankfully, things have changed, and now the only shots you’ll take of South African wildlife are those you’ll proudly display in your photo album.
Camping in game reserves has also changed for the better. Your ‘tent’ will definitely be of the luxury variety and will probably boast a four-poster bed with en suite bathroom and walk-in closets. World-class cuisine will be served in your lodge’s restaurant and there will more than likely be an area for a roaring camp fire, which you can sit around and share stories with your fellow adventurers each evening. This is, in every respect, a unique kind of holiday – an intoxicating blend of unspoilt surroundings, majestic wildlife and once-in-a-lifetime luxury.

Game drives

Naturally, game drives are at the heart of any safari holiday. Typically they set off at sunrise or sunset – when the light is golden and the heat of the day is at bay. The excitement is palpable as you head out of camp and into the bush. No two game drives are the same, and while animals are accustomed to the vehicles, they're wild and their movements are their own, so you never know what sights you'll see.

Hippos and leopards

This makes your safari utterly unique. Will you see lion cubs play-fighting, hippos wallowing, leopards slinking low through the grass, or gigantic herds of wildebeest? Sitting hushed as your experienced guides read the terrain and navigate the reserve in search of these beautiful beasts is a feeling that will stay with you forever. And nothing quite beats the euphoria of being the first in your group to make a sighting.

A safari really can be a wonderful, life-affirming experience, so maybe it’s time you took a walk on the wild side.

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