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Stunning scenery, abundant wildlife, first-class hospitality, delicious food, relaxing afternoons and fantastic company. These are just a few of the things you can expect from a South African safari and tour, but this amazing part of the world has so much more to offer…

See the ‘Big Five’ in South Africa

The Cape buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion and rhinoceros, known in Africa as the ‘Big Five’, are usually the first animals that come to mind when thinking of an African safari. However, the animals were so named not because of their popularity or size but due to the difficulty and danger involved in hunting them, it was considered a feat to bring these mammals home. Thankfully, things have changed, and now the only shots you’ll take of South African wildlife are those you’ll proudly display in your photo album. The shift towards tourism has put a sighting of these magnificent creatures high on every traveller and animal lover’s bucket list, so let’s take a closer look at what makes these five so special.

Cape Buffalo

The Cape buffalo is the most of common of the four subspecies of African buffalo. They’re distinguished by their curved horns and huge size, reaching up to seven feet from tip to tail. If you manage to spot a buffalo on your game drive they most likely won’t be alone, as Buffalos are extremely social and live in large herds of up to 2000 members.

African Elephant

These are the largest of the Big Five, in fact African elephants are the largest animals walking the earth! Elephants are known for their large ears, tusks made of ivory and their skilful trunks – which are possibly the most sensitive organ found in any mammal, with each one containing around 150,000 muscle units.


Leopards are the smallest and most elusive of the five, making them the hardest to spot. However, don’t be fooled by their small stature, leopards are natural athletes – they are pound for pound the strongest of the big cats, they are able to run up to 36 miles an hour, leap 20 feet and jump 10 feet high.


The king of the jungle is the second largest big cat and the only one that lives in groups, with a pride being up to 30 lions. Female lions are the main hunters, they hold the territories and stay with the pride they are born into, which means in real life it would be Simba’s mum who would be running the pride.


The Rhinoceros is famous for its large horns and big physique, they can weigh up to 1,400 kg, they also have a unique way to communicate with each other – pooing! Yes that’s right, Rhinos use dung to share information with others nearby. So if you smell something a bit whiffy during your game drive it might just be a couple of Rhinos talking to each other.

Other ‘Fives’

You’ve most probably heard of the big five, but Africa is so incredibly rich in wildlife that several other ‘fives’ have been created to recognise other animals you may spot on your safari. These other groups include the ‘Little Five’ (rhino beetle, buffalo weaver, ant lion, leopard tortoise and elephant shrew) which unlike their ‘Big Five’ friends are named after their size, the ‘Shy Five’ (aardvark, aardwolf, bat-eared Fox, meerkat, and porcupine) and the less glamorous ‘Ugly Five’ (warthog, hyena, marabou stork, vulture, and the wildebeest).

Game Drives

Naturally, game drives are at the heart of any safari holiday. Typically they set off at sunrise or sunset – when the light is golden and the heat of the day is at bay. The excitement is palpable as you head out of camp and into the bush. Make sure you remember your camera and plenty of memory cards – you’ll be taking lots of photos. No two game drives are the same, and while animals are accustomed to the vehicles, they're wild and their movements are their own, so you never know what sights you'll see.


The game drives won’t be the only incredible experiences you have during your safari, your ‘tent’ will provide a modern luxury base in the most amazing of settings, giving incredible views over the picturesque landscapes and majestic wildlife. Your room will feature all the facilities you would expect to find in a high-class hotel, outstanding cuisine will be served in your lodge’s restaurant and there will more than likely be a roaring camp fire, which makes for a perfect place to sit around and share stories with your fellow adventurers each evening.

Safari Holidays

Each and every safari is utterly unique, it is this which makes a holiday to South Africa so magical. Will you see lion cubs play-fighting, hippos wallowing, leopards slinking low through the grass, or gigantic herds of wildebeest? Sitting hushed as your experienced guides read the terrain and navigate the reserve in search of these beautiful beasts is a feeling that will stay with you forever and nothing quite beats the euphoria of being the first in your group to make a sighting. Safaris are a wonderful, life-affirming experience that will live with you forever, so maybe it’s time to book your next adventure.

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