Glorious Galapagos – top 10 wonders

If you’re lucky enough to visit the Galapagos Islands archipelago, look out for these 10 wonders of nature.

  1. Darwin’s finches – the famous birds that inspired Charles Darwin’s research on natural selection can be found throughout the archipelago.

  2. Galapagos tortoise – one of just two groups of giant tortoises left in the world, the other lives on the Aldabra Atoll in the Indian Ocean.

  3. Land iguana – of the two species found in Galapagos, one is native to six islands and the other is only found on Santa Fe.

  4. Marine iguana – the only lizard in the world to live in the ocean is impossible to miss – there are as many as 300,000 across the islands.

  5. Frigatebird – these seabirds are at their most spectacular during courtship, when the male inflates the flap of blood-red skin beneath his beak.

  6. Blue-footed booby – found on most of the islands, these colourful, comical-looking birds are exceptional divers, able to plunge to a depth of 8 metres to catch their prey.

  7. Flightless cormorant – found nowhere else in the world but two of the Galapagos Islands, this is the only one of the 29 species of cormorant unable to fly.

  8. Waved albatross – this large bird, only found on one of the Galapagos Islands, mates for life. Its young, once fledged, spends an incredible six years at sea before returning to breed.

  9. Galapagos sea lion – easy to find throughout the archipelago, the best place to snorkel amongst them is the calm waters around Santa Fe.

  10. Galapagos penguin –this diminutive penguin displays unique behavioural adaptations that allow it to inhabit the Galapagos Islands. It pants and adopts a hunched position to shade its feet and aid heat loss.

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