A Balkan beauty

Nature-lovers should be sure to put Montenegro on their must-visit list, as this Balkan gem is home to the largest wetland in the region, Lake Skadar.

Vast expanse

Straddling the borders of Albania and Montenegro, this vast expanse of water expands each year, from 370 square kilometres in the summer to 530 square kilometres in the winter, when flooding creates an inviting environment for many species of plants and animals. On average eight metres in depth, the lake is a cryptodepression, which means that its deepest points are below sea level, in this case up to 60 metres.

Dramatic peaks

Boasting a remarkable landscape, the lake’s mirror-like waters are surrounded by dramatic peaks, and an astonishing array of flora and fauna can be found both on land and in the water. The area is famous for its wild herbs and the orchids that grow amongst them. It’s also home to ancient chestnut forests and rocky islets covered in shrubs and stocky pomegranate trees bearing exotic red fruit.

Teeming with fish

Come summer, the lake’s surface is hidden by a thick green blanket of water lilies, while the waters below are teeming with fish, including carp, eel, sturgeon, mullet and flounder. The area is also the perfect habitat for a variety of animals, including tortoises, lizards, wolves and wild boar.

Rare birds

A haven for birds too, some of the last pelicans in Europe have been spotted on the lake, and the area is home to more than 200 other species. It’s also on one of the most important migration routes in Europe, being a critical site for migratory birds, some of which are under threat. Take your binoculars with you and look out for the rare southern Dalmatian pelican and pygmy cormorant, as well as storks, herons, egrets, falcons, eagles and more.

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