Escorted Tours to Asia

If you want your holiday to be truly unique, you can’t go wrong with a tour of Asia. This is the largest continent in the world, so you’re going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your destination.

Mysterious and exotic, dramatic and vibrant in equal measure, it is all things to all people, and home to a diverse mix of cultures and religions. And as you head off on a thrilling Asia adventure, you’ll find everything from temples to towering skyscrapers, lush jungle to parched desert and masterpieces of architecture to traditional houses built on stilts. India’s treasures are many and varied, from the exquisite Taj Mahal and the peaceful backwaters of Kerala to Ranthambore National Park, where you can search for tigers. And if you head south to the tear-shaped island of Sri Lanka, afloat in the Indian Ocean, you can tick off aromatic spice gardens, paradise beaches and jungles teeming with life. This exotic gem may be small, but it is undeniably perfectly formed.

Lesser-visited countries Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan are increasing in popularity for the more intrepid traveller. And with incredible Buddhist stupas, views of the Himalayas and mountainside monasteries, it’s not just the high altitudes that will take your breath away. Ever-popular, however, are holidays to China, where iconic attractions including the Great Wall, the Terracotta Army and Beijing’s Tiananmen Square feature on every traveller’s list. A tour of China also means you can say you’ve experienced the world’s oldest civilisation and seen up close its most famous celebrity, the rare giant panda.

South-east Asia also has masses of appeal, with Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam featuring all the ingredients of a dream holiday. Set your sights on a cruise along the Mekong River, step back in time at the incredible Angkor Wat Temples and even receive a blessing from a Buddhist Monk. As you travel further east, prepare to be mystified and intrigued by everything you see in Japan! One moment you can be witnessing the art of the fabled tea ceremony, the next whizzing past Mount Fuji on a super-fast Bullet Train.

Whichever part of Asia you choose to discover, a group tour filled with shared experiences is the only way to travel.

Countries in Asia