Our Vision and Values

The Vision - Holiday of a lifetime, every time

It's a privilege to share our passion for discovering the world. We love to travel. Travel makes the world a much better place! It breaks down cultural barriers, encourages understanding and celebrates diversity. 

We're guided by what we believe in - our core values .....

  1. Be Bold, Be Fearless

    Since 1962, we've been driven by our pioneering spirit and the courage to be different. Our future depends on a fearless commitment to innovate and to change. Determination makes things happen. Grasp every opportunity, be bold and believe that tomorrow will be even better.

  2. Passion is Everything

    To be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible. Living life to the full is about creating opportunities that allow us to learn and grow. There is nothing more enriching than the magic of travel and we're proud to share this passion. Start your journey, embrace life and inspire others!

  3. Respect is a Given

    Everyone deserves it and our planet needs it! The more we travel the more we appreciate our wondrous planet, its fascinating people and diverse cultures. We're committed to helping create a fairer world for all, and deal openly and honestly always. That's just how it should be!

  4. Live, Learn, Love & Share

    We care a whole lot. We love to explore new lands, cultures and experiences. It helps us discover more about ourselves, make friends and be better. Experiences that make you gasp in amazement or laugh aloud are more meaningful when shared. Live for the moment, learn and share!

  5. Go Beyond, Be Amazed

    Seeking excellence is an attitude we live by every day. We always strive to be better, to go further, to exceed expectations and to make a lasting difference.

  6. Celebrate Together

    We proudly stand together as a team, celebrating our successes and supporting each other in all we do. Now that's something worth shouting about.