No Fly Holidays

Not everyone is interested in flying, and that’s OK. You can still have amazing holidays in incredible destinations without travelling by plane. Whether you fancy a Dutch rail trip or a cruise through the heart of Paris, there are plenty of places Travelsphere can take you that make great no-fly holiday options.


More and more of us are choosing to forego flying when it comes to our holidays. The reasons range from medical-related to environmental, and all are perfectly understandable. Whatever your whys and wherefores, if you don’t feel like flying on your holidays, you’re not alone. And we for one are totally on board with that (if you’ll pardon the pun)!

As well as a greater sense of convenience, a no-fly holiday gives travellers the chance to see the world in a totally new way; it’s the perfect way to get acquainted with new surroundings whilst travelling to your chosen destination. From quick hops across the channel taking in country views to waterborne journeys that become a principal part of your holiday experience, we can offer trips that involve no flying at all and that still allow you to discover some of our planet’s greatest treasures. Whatever no-fly holiday you wish to take, count on Travelsphere to make it extra special.


If you want a no-fly holiday where excitement is always high on the agenda, you should start by looking close to home. Whether you fancy going on heritage adventures in the Isle of Man or journeying along the great railways of the Scottish highlands, you definitely don’t have to board a plane for an amazing holiday right here in the UK. The easiest way to see the world without flying is to start at your doorstep; you’ll be amazed at the sheer quantity of wonders the United Kingdom has to offer, attractions that we simply don’t get time to appreciate during the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

These great UK breaks are perfect examples of our ‘make your own way’ adventures; it’s the perfect solution if you want all the benefits of a handcrafted escorted tour but like to keep your travel options open. Traditionally our tours involve fixed travel arrangements, to make sure everyone gets to where they need to be as hassle-free as possible. However, making your own way is great as you get a lot more flexibility en route to where you need to go. And if you’re really not interested in flying, there’s the bonus of being able to cut that part out of your holiday altogether.


Flying and overseas holidays seem to be synonymous; the tradition of hopping on a plane to get to your dream destination has been in our lives for a very long time now indeed. And given that it’s so prevalent, it’s no surprise that people still think it’s their only option!

Not so with Travelsphere. On our handcrafted no-fly holidays, you don’t need to be airborne to discover the delights overseas travel can bring. From experiencing the world via Monet and the masterpieces of the Loire Valley to seeing Amsterdam in full bloom, there are plenty of exciting no-fly holidays on offer for the avid adventurer. Travelling abroad should be eye-opening as well as inspiring, and our selection can offer you both in equal measure. Heading overseas with us doesn’t require planes; if you’re not interested in flying to your chosen destination, our holiday types are varied enough to let you see the world exactly the way you want.


There’s even the opportunity to enjoy delightful river cruises as an alternative to hopping on a plane.

When you embark on a river cruise, a whole new world is yours to discover. There’s nothing like seeing the world by water; there’s an almost surreal beauty to it that’s difficult to capture with any other form of travel. Changing your travel plans from the air to rail and river opens so many avenues to enhance your holiday experience. This is why no-fly holidays are an excellent choice for seeing the world in general: you never know what amazing sights you’ll encounter along the way!

For a river cruise that doesn’t involve any air travel, our handcrafted tour of Paris is perfect. On this holiday, Images of the Seine are yours to savour, by both boat and rail. That’s two no-fly arrangements for the price of one; it doesn’t get much more plane-free than that. A fun twist on a holiday abroad, try a no-fly river cruise with Travelsphere. We promise you won’t be disappointed.