Incredible destinations to discover

At Travelsphere, we believe in travelling with taste. After all, would you go to Thailand and not try a plate of Pad Thai, or China without sampling Dim Sum?

We all know that that feasting on local specialities is a wonderful way to experience the authentic culture of a destination. That’s why our award-winning tours are carefully crafted so you can take in everything a place has to off er – its iconic sights, famous traditions, cultures, cuisine and hidden treasures. We’ve specialised in providing escorted tours across the globe for over 50 years, and we still love to share our passion for travel with like-minded people just like you.

In this video, brand ambassador Penny Smith talks about her recent trips to India and Italy with Travelsphere, the BBC Good Food Show and what a Travelsphere holiday offers

A Taste of Italy

From Venice in the north to the island of Sicily in the south, Italy is packed with attractions from top to toe. Known for its iconic landmarks, elegant cities, rolling hills and wonderful architecture, you could try your hand at making olive bread in Puglia or sip Marsala wine in Sicily. With our range of more than 20 Italian holidays, we’ve got every corner of this wonderful country covered. From shimmering Lake Garda and undiscovered Puglia to Rome and the beautiful Amalfi Coast, we’ll show you everything Italy has to offer.

A Taste of Europe

Close to home and close to our hearts, most of us feel that we know Europe like the back of our hands. But from the sun-drenched tapas bars of Spain to Switzerland’s chocolate shops and Portugal’s wine cellars, there’s so much to explore.

Whether you want to discover stunning coastlines or cosmopolitan cities, natural wonders or iconic sights, we’ve got more than 40 fabulous touring holidays to choose from.

A Taste of USA & Canada

These two must-see destinations offer non-stop cities, incredible natural beauty and world-renowned landmarks for starters. Go up for a taste of icewine in Canada, and head down to try fried chicken and cornbread in the Deep South.

With more than 25 tours to the USA and Canada, we’ll introduce you to the iconic landmarks and exciting cities that are on every traveller’s wish list. From north to south, east to west, there really is something for everyone.

A Taste of Australia & New Zealand

For an epic adventure in the ‘Land Down Under’ take a generous handful of natural wonders, stir in a few iconic cities and sprinkle with world-famous landmarks. With so much to see and do, you’ll be happy to throw a sausage on the barbie and kick back at the end of the day.

We’ve got some incredible touring holidays to the other side of the world. Discover Australia’s highlights, admire the breathtaking beauty of New Zealand, or for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, why not visit both on one incredible tour.

A Taste of Asia

Head east with us to mysterious and exotic lands totally different to anywhere you’ve ever been before. Uncover thousands of years of history, see some of the most fascinating sights on our planet and taste delicious curries, dumplings and so much more.

With more than 15 touring holidays to Asia and prices starting from £1299, we’ll take you to India, Nepal, China, Vietnam and everywhere in between! Immerse yourself in a far-flung world of temples and palaces, wildlife and awe-inspiring landmarks.

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