Rail Holidays

UK, Europe & beyond

On a rail holiday your journey isn’t just a means to an end, it’s an important part of your overall experience.  And whether you’re making your way to the Continent by Eurostar, enjoying nostalgic trips on historic steam railways or flying to your destination and spending part of your tour on an iconic train, it’s a great way to travel.  

Travelsphere’s range of holidays featuring rail journeys has something for everyone, and includes close-to-home destinations here in the UK and in Europe as well as holidays further afield. If you want to holiday at home, why not sit back in comfort and enjoy the scenery of the Scottish Highlands from aboard the famous Jacobite Steam Train. If you’d like to go to the Continent but don’t want to fly, come with us to Paris or Avignon on the Eurostar.  And if you want to combine a rail adventure with the holiday of a lifetime, you can take a two-day journey through the Rockies on the iconic Rocky Mountaineer in Canada or ride a Bullet Train in Japan, for amazing views of Mount Fuji. We’re sure you’ll want to get on board one of these great rail holidays.

Grand Tour of Canada & the Rocky Mountaineer

Grand Tour of Canada & the Rocky Mountaineer
​Canada's wondrous sights – Niagara Falls, Lake Louise and Banff National Park – line up alongside breathtaking wildlife, supersized mountains and a two-day journey on board the iconic Rocky Mountaineer on this thrilling adventure.