Travelsphere Photo Competition - Winners' Gallery

Each monthly winner receives a £50 Travelsphere holiday voucher and the chance to be crowned our Travelsphere Photographer of the Year, with a prize of a £200 Travelsphere holiday voucher and a one day photography masterclass!

April: Iconic Sites


Winner: Peter Jones - Taj Mahal, India & Nepal 2012

"This image was taken early morning on the 20th February 2012 with the sun shining from the east. A truly spectacular palace and one of the highlights of the tour."


Runner Up: Gerald Ponting - Pompeii, Paestum & Herculaneum 2016

"Pompeii - the remains of the ancient city framing a cloud above Vesuvius."


Runner Up: Eve Philpott - Myanmar

"Children rowing Myanmar-style on Inle Lake, Myanmar."

March: Nature


Winner: Susan Halford - Hibiscus flower at sunrise in Nepal


Runner Up: Keith Whitcombe - Butterfly landing on a flower, India 2012


Runner Up: Keith Whitcombe - Toucan on the Chile, Argentina and Brazil tour, 2015

February: South America


Winner: Eve Philpott - Cuba

"My friend and I travelled to Cuba on the Travelsphere Captivating Cuba Tour in 2016, this is one of our favourite photos taken of a lady relaxing in Havana, Cuba."


Runner Up: Keith Whitcombe - Peru 2010


Runner Up: Keith Whitcombe - Rio de Janeiro 2015

January: People/Culture/Colour


Winner: Peter Jones - Tour of Peru, May 2014

"Uros Indian women coming to welcome our visit to their floating reed island life on Lake Titicaca. This image is typical of their culture showing colourful clothing and reed built huts."


Runner Up: Keith Whitcombe - Peru 2014


Runner Up: Iona Robson - Vietnam on the Wonders of Vietnam trip

"This picture is so special as it was my first trip to Asia and the lady in the picture was so happy doing what she was doing despite how heavy it looked."

December: Wildlife


Winner: Keith Whitcombe - In flight from Costa Rica


Runner Up: Roger Day - Leopard spotted during the Highlights of Ceylon tour