Italy Escorted Tours

As one of the most popular countries for Travelsphere travellers, we are turning the spotlight on Italy. Are you struggling for inspiration on where to begin your journey? Here are a few of our favourite destinations…


The ancient city of Pompeii was frozen in time on 24th August 79AD when it was smothered in volcanic debris, killing the inhabitants and casting their forms in great ash dunes. As you explore this vast area, boasting well-preserved buildings still displaying colourful frescoes, you get a palpable sense of life in Roman times.


‘Picturesque’ is the go-to word when describing Italian towns but when talking about Positano it doesn’t come near to capturing its beauty. It’s a popular spot that clings to the cliff’s edge, where the best activities are popping from boutique to boutique, people-watching over a coffee and sitting on the beach at the edge of the sparkling sea.


Off the coast of Positano you’ll find the island of Capri. Take a trip to Villa Jovis, the best preserved Roman villa in Italy, to discover its charms for yourself. You can also wander around the gardens of Caesar and then take a chair lift to the highest point on the island for dazzling views of the mainland.

San Gimignano

Heading north from the Amalfi coast and past the beautiful city of Siena you’ll soon come across the unique hilltop village of San Gimignano. Studded with 14 medieval towers – the result of a feud between two warring families – its silhouette is striking to say the least. The narrow streets are an inspiring setting and play host to amazing coffee shops and gelateria.


With world-renowned galleries and exquisite architecture at every turn, each winding street leads to another jawdropping sight in Florence. If the bustle of this fine city – home to some of the greatest art in the world – gets too much, the peace of the Tuscan hills is within easy reach.

Lake Maggiore and Lake Como

The Italian lakes are magnificent. Lake Maggiore, stretching for 40 miles and straddling the border between Italy and Switzerland, is a natural phenomenon that has drawn visitors for years. Many people’s first stop is Isola Bella – ‘Beautiful Island’ – with its sumptuous palace and breathtaking gardens. A few miles east of Maggiore is Lake Como. Shaped like an inverted Y, it boasts incredible scenery and two notable towns, Como and Bellagio.