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Embark on an Epic Adventure with Travelsphere

Dr Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at Cornell University said: “One of the enemies of happiness is adaptation.” In other words, we buy shiny new things but very quickly we get used to them and, once we’re used to them, their shine and newness fades and with it, so does our initial excitement. On the other hand, travel continues to excite us time after time. In fact another recent study has shown that one of the greatest elements of travel happiness comes from expectation. It appears that just by booking a holiday and then planning for and thinking about it we elevate our mood.

For example we know for a fact that arriving at Uluru on our Grand Tour of Australia, and seeing its dramatic shift in colour as the sun drops below the horizon is an experience that can’t be matched. Similarly, the first time you set eyes on the peerless symmetry of the Taj Mahal on our Grand Tour of India or cruise down the majestic Yangtze River on our Unmissable China tour, cannot be compared to just unpacking your new mobile phone.

Countless other Travelsphere experiences trigger similar cycles of expectation, joy and interaction. Take the epic journey across Canada that we offer on our Grand Tour of Canada, for example. There you’ll see the mighty Niagara Falls, the dramatic Rocky Mountains and the glittering Lake Louise - experiences that will generate amazing memories. If this doesn’t tickle your fancy, what about peering into smouldering volcanoes, trekking through canopied rainforests and exploring mysterious Mayan temples on our Grand Tour of Central America which takes you from Panama to Guatemala.

Of course, that isn’t all - there are a great deal of other experiences on offer. You can circumnavigate the globe, travel over 31,000 miles, visit 11 countries all on our All Around the World trip which forges a once-in-a-lifetime memory. Not only will you bring back a wealth of wonderful memories and have ticked three New Wonders of the World off your list, you’ll have crossed the International Date Line - something not many travellers have done. All of these moments and more are guaranteed to bring you lasting joy before, during and after you experience them.

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