Amazing Australia

Australia is a vast country of diverse landscapes, sublime landmarks and exceptional natural wonders. A must see for any traveller ticking off this once-in-a-lifetime destination is Ayers Rock –also known by its Aboriginal name of Uluru, is a mesmerising sight at any time of the day but visits at sunset and sunrise are really special. Hues of blue and purple can be seen when the sun dips behind it at the end of the day, while its terracotta-coloured surface is bathed in fiery red light first thing in the morning. Equally enigmatic are the Olgas – steep-sided monoliths, which are believed to have started life as one huge piece of rock, just like their neighbour, but have weathered over millions of years to form this collection of 36 mystical domes. From towering geological sites to a magical world under the sea – the Great Barrier Reef is another of Australia’s most stunning natural beauties, where an abundance of colourful marine life, including 1,500 species of fish, thrives amongst tropical islands. A catamaran cruise with the chance to snorkel in the warm waters is an unforgettable experience, but even if you don’t want to get wet, you can still marvel at the sights on a semisubmersible submarine.

Iconic sights abound in the country’s vibrant cities too, with Sydney’s famous Opera House and Harbour Bridge among the best known. From Melbourne you can head to Phillip Island to see the ‘penguin parade’, when hundreds of these delightful creatures waddle their way from the sea to their sand dune burrows, and be sure to laze on Perth’s white-sand beaches – Western Australia boasts some of the world’s most beautiful.