Uruguay - Amazing Beaches

Although a little overshadowed by its neighbours Argentina and Brazil, beach-lovers would be crazy to ignore Uruguay. This small country is full of surprises, with lovely stretches of white sand at the top of the list.

Huge choice of beaches

Even in the country’s capital, Montevideo, there’s a huge choice of beaches, which meander east to west along an avenue known as the Rambla. Where you stop is up to you – here’s our favourites.

Pocitos Beach
This long, wide stretch of white sand is very popular with Montevideo’s residents, who come here to swim in its deep waters. It’s bordered by apartment buildings, and you’ll find plenty of restaurants, ice cream parlours and food stands to offer much-needed refreshment on long, hot days. You can get your kicks at the beach football stadium, which appears in the summer, and a game of volleyball is always on the cards.

Ramirez Beach
Montevideo’s most centrally located beach, this one boasts shallow waters and is also handily placed in front of Parque Rodo, Uruguay’s top amusement park. If that’s a bit much for you, you can always take a stroll to the Old City – it’s just a few minutes away but you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time amongst its historic sites. Maybe make your way back to the beach to watch the sun set, there’s a couple of shacks selling crispy fried fish and cold beers to enjoy with it – what a treat!

Buceo Beach
Wide and very flat with calm waters, this is a great place for a run or a swim. A pleasant marina adds to its charm, and nearby is the Oceanographic Museum, or you could visit Buceo Cemetery, a rival to Buenos Aires’ famous Recoleta. 

Honda Beach
You’ll find much deeper waters here – the name Honda translates as ‘deep’ – and it’s the only beach in Montevideo where there are sometimes waves big enough to attract the surfing fraternity.

Carrasco Beach
This is a lovely long beach, well suited to walkers. Also, as the residents who live here are typically quite well off with their own private pools, it tends to be fairly empty, so you may get to enjoy it all by yourself!

So whether you want to laze on a lounger, soak up the sunset or roller-blade down the Rambla, Montevideo’s beaches are calling!

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