Turtles of Northern Cyprus

One of the planet’s most ancient creatures, sea turtles have been living in the world’s oceans for more than 100 million years. Found in all warm and temperate waters around the world, they are known to migrate long distances between their nesting and feeding grounds, sometimes as far as 1,400 miles.

Nesting site

The coastline around Cyprus is an important nesting site for two of the seven species of sea turtle, the loggerhead and the green turtle, with the female returning to the same spot each year to lay her eggs. This will be a clutch of between 70 and 150, and their incubation period will depend on the temperature of the sand.

Endangered species

The hatchlings will emerge at night and make their perilous journey to the sea. Although the darkness offers them some protection from predators such as birds and large fish, the mortality rate of these tiny creatures is extremely high.

Of course, human activities also threaten the sea turtle’s future, and nearly all seven species are classified as endangered. They are killed for their meat, skin and shells, their eggs are stolen and eaten as a delicacy, their habitats are being destroyed and fishing trawlers also pose a deadly threat.

Conservation project

This is why in Cyprus, as in many other places all over the world, these sites are monitored by volunteers who are dedicated to their conservation. They carry out daytime beach patrols, night-time hatching vigils and beach clean-ups in a bid to save these threatened creatures from the terrible fate of extinction.

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