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We’re proud to work with an organic farm in Umbria who support disadvantaged children and help young people rebuild their lives through farming.

Through teaching the children agricultural techniques, the farm helps provide young people with a better start to their working life. They provide personalised education plans where children learn about and participate in handson seasonal farming activities from sowing to harvesting, as well as caring for bees and gathering honey.

When their training is complete, young adults are given the chance to work at the farm on a permanent contract. As the organic farm has a specific interest in ancient grains, a particular focus is flour and bread making. When you visit the farm on the Umbria - Italy’s Spiritual Heart tour, you’ll learn about how the farm use traditional techniques rather than refined grains. Since the Second World War and the increase in popularity of pasta and bread, harvesting methods have changed over the years with a focus on refined grains. The organic farm celebrate a return to high quality heritage seeds for health benefits and all-natural farming techniques, such as allowing the wheat to dry outdoors without the use of pesticides.

At least once a month, the farm provides school canteens around the Umbria area with organic produce and they organise lessons about the benefits of healthy eating and organic farming. They are implementing baking workshops for the children in the future – so every time you book our Umbria tour, you’re financially supportintheir projects and improvingvulnerable young lives.