Top 10 experiences

to enjoy on a Travelsphere escorted tour

Incredible experiences

There’s so much more to a Travelsphere escorted tour than sitting on a beach with your head buried in a book. Every holiday offers opportunities to immerse yourself in local life or experience something unique. And to top it all off, you’ll share these unforgettable moments with other like-minded people whoshare your love of travel.

Go whale-watching in Hermanus, South Africa

Imagine the excitement as you peer out over the harbour wall and spot majestic southern right whales breaking the surface just metres from the shore. Perfectly visible with the naked eye, this awe-inspiring sight is common in the small South African town of Hermanus, just a couple of hours’ drive from Cape Town. Recognised as one of the best whale-watching destinations in the world, these magnificent creatures migrate here from Antarctica to calve and mate. The best time to see them is from July to November and with viewpoints all along the breathtakingly beautiful cliff path, you don’t even have to take to the water to see them. Although if you do, it’s not uncommon for these curious mammals to swim right up beside the boat.

Explore Old Delhi on a cycle rickshaw, India

Get ready for the ride of your life as you hop aboard a cycle rickshaw and set off to explore all the nooks and crannies of Old Delhi. Weaving your way through the mayhem, you’ll want to hold on tight as scooters and tuk tuks skim past you at speed and cyclists appear out of nowhere. Amongst all the chaos, you’ll discover vibrant streets filled with the aroma of spice and bazaars selling colourful clothing. You’ll encounter crowds of people going about their everyday lives, cows ambling along alleyways and monkeys on the lookout for a tasty snack. And then, when you least expect it, you might just turn a corner and find a hidden temple or mosque – it’s an unforgettable way to experience the diversity of Indian culture.

Enjoy a husky-sledding adventure in Norway

Wrap up warm in a special, cold weather suit and snuggle up under a blanket on a sled. Climbing aboard, your excited team of huskies will be barking loudly in eager anticipation of the journey ahead. Standing behind you, an experienced musher gets ready to drive you through the gorgeous mountain landscape, and the moment you set off, the dogs fall silent. Gliding rapidly cross the glistening snow, its an astonishingly tranquil way to take in the scenery. And imagine the delight, if by chance, you should also catch a glimpse of the dancing colours of the aurora borealis. Magical!

Cycle around the vineyards of Mendoza, Argentina

Get out and about in the great outdoors as you cycle around the vineyards of Argentina’s Maipù wine region on your Travelsphere escorted tour. Your guide will lead you along quiet roads through fabulous countryside, with the mighty Andes as a backdrop. Stepping inside two different wineries, your welcoming hosts will explain the secrets of wine production, before pouring you a glass or two to try. Be it a chilled Chardonnay or an elegant Malbec, you’ll learn how to appreciate the aroma and taste it correctly. And if you want to indulge in a few nibbles with your wine, there will be a selection of local cheese and sausage to try too.

Party the night away at the Rio Carnival, Brazil

Grab your glad rags and get ready for the greatest party on Earth! The world-famous Rio Carnival takes place just before lent, as Brazil basks in the hot summer sun. Over four electrifying nights, the city’s samba schools compete against one another for a place in the winners’ parade – an all-night celebration with your name on the guest list! As you take your seat for this glittering affair, you’ll have goose bumps as the excitement builds. The high-spirited crowds are out to have fun and can’t wait for the party to start. With loud pulsating music, energetic dancing and colourful costumes galore, the arrival of the samba schools is met with deafening cheers and applause. It’s a party like no other and a night you’ll never forget!

Make your own noodles on a tour of Southeast Asia

Pop on an apron, roll up your sleeves and learn about traditional Vietnamese noodles. There are 26 different types and you’ll have fun trying to pronounce them in Vietnamese before getting stuck in and making some for yourself. You’ll need to watch carefully as your host demonstrates the technique and then it’s over to you. When the pressure’s on, these things are never as easy as they look – so be prepared for some mishaps and giggles along the way! At the end of the class you’ll be served a delicious bowl of steaming hot noodles and best of all, by participating in the class, you’re supporting a charity which helps disadvantaged young people.

Enjoy a night at the opera in Verona

Verona’s Roman Arena once played host to gladiator fights, medieval games and tournaments. Built in the 1st century AD, it is today one of the greatest open-air theatres in the world. Following in the footsteps of the ancient Romans, there’s something very special about passing through the walls of this colossal monument and stepping out into the arena to watch a stirring performance of opera. Take your seat as the sun sets over the city of star-crossed lovers and prepare to be moved to tears by the beauty of this incredible spectacle.

Get a taste of life in rural Romania

Immerse yourself in local life in the mountain village of Sibiel, on a group tour to Romania. This quaint place boasts brightly coloured houses, a fairytale church, and is home to just a few hundred people. A warm and friendly welcome awaits at the home of a local family, where you’ll step inside and smell the aroma of a delicious dinner, prepared from traditional ingredients. Romanians know a thing or two about hospitality, so as you tuck in with your fellow travellers, the local wine and brandy will be flowing. Beware, it’s likely your glass will be topped up without you even realising!

Strike it lucky in Las Vegas

A dazzling oasis in the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas is the place to strike it lucky, with glamorous casinos aplenty. Stroll along the famous neon-lit strip, past larger-than-life hotels to see spectacular dancing fountains, erupting volcanoes, and romantic Venetian gondolas. If you fancy a flutter, step inside one of the many glittering casinos, where the sound of slot machines rings out day and night. Take your place at a roulette table and experience the thrill of placing a bet as the ball bounces around the wheel. Where will it land, black or red? It’s a game of chance and it could be you who wins big!

Observe a Buddhist alms giving ceremony in Laos

Take in the country of Laos on your Southeast Asia tour and discover the tradition of alms giving, which dates back to the 14th century. At sunrise each day, hundreds of Buddhist monks walk through the city’s streets collecting gifts of food prepared by local people. On ‘A Journey through South East Asia’, you will rise before dawn and witness this peaceful ritual. Kneeling on the pavement with your head bowed, you’ll be captivated by the sight of the saffron-robed monks coming towards you in total silence. Then, as the procession moves closer, you’ll see offerings of rice, fresh fruit and traditional snacks being placed into bronze bowls hanging from the shoulders of the monks. Sobering and spiritually rewarding, it’s an experience that immerses you in authentic local tradition.