We fill each and every one of our tours with incredible experiences, but some are just that little bit more special and really stand out from the crowd.

Lake Garda kayaking

On our 'Italian Lakes & Mountains’ tour you can unleash your adventurous side with a kayaking session on Lake Garda. The calm, clear waters are just perfect for this activity whether you’ve kayaked before or not. As you paddle your way around this idyllic lake, you’ll be utterly mesmerised by the stunning views of pretty beaches and towering mountains, and enjoy the sound of silence that accompanies you.

A night in the desert

If you choose to discover Jordan’s Ancient Wonders’, you’re in for authentic experiences left, right and centre but on day 5, we’ve arranged an incredible overnight stay. Far from the usual hotel, you’ll rest your head in a Bedouin-style tent in the desert landscape of Wadi Rum, where the nomadic Bedouin people have lived for hundreds of years. Sand dunes, roaming camels, cosy camp fires, clear night skies strewn with stars – the sights will whisk you off to a different world.

Walk the Great Wall

If you choose to join our Unmissable China & Yangtze Cruise holiday, you’ll head off on a wonderful walk along the ramparts of the Great Wall of China. The section you’ll visit at Mutianyu is one of the best-preserved, with watchtowers distributed along its length. Surprisingly, this part of the wall is less visited, so expect to take your walk in relative peace. You’ll also ride the cable car here to the highest part, where views of the wall and the surrounding wooded hillsides stretch as far as the eye can see.

Star-studded dinner

When you set off on 'A Namibian Adventure’ with us, a real wow experience is an al fresco dinner under a starry Namibian sky. With very little air pollution and virtually no light pollution, what you’ll see as you tuck into an African feast in the Namib Desert is a darker-than-dark sky scattered with thousands of stars. Think a Jackson Pollock drip and splash-style painting brought to other-worldly life. In fact, Namibia has been described as one of the best star-gazing sites on Earth, and you’re even likely to see a planet or a shooting star.

Relaxing yoga class

Our ‘Highlights of Sri Lanka’ tour gives you the chance to tap into your spiritual side with a morning yoga session. This ancient Hindu practice, which originated in neighbouring India, was introduced to this paradise island in the Indian Ocean centuries ago and is seen as a means to enlightenment. Your expert teacher will guide you through techniques which focus on strength, flexibility and breathing. Who knows, you’ll probably be inspired to take up this ancient and relaxing form of exercise, said to boost both physical and mental health once you get back home.