Six places that come alive when the sun goes down

New York, New York

New York, the city that never sleeps, is one of the most exciting places on Earth, with iconic monuments and neck-straining sky-high buildings at every turn. Then there’s Las Vegas, which thrills visitors who walk open-mouthed up and down the famous Strip, lined by palm trees and themed hotels. But wow, when night falls and the lights are switched to ‘stun’, you’ll be even more dazzled.

A natural glow

What better way to brighten up your winter than with a trip to Norway to head off in search of the incredible Aurora Borealis. The dark polar nights in Tromsø are the perfect backdrop to this natural light show, and this Nordic city is one of the best places to view this colourful spectacle.

You won’t believe your eyes

Nothing can quite prepare you for the stunning sight of Stromboli roaring into life and spewing glowing lava from its smoking summit into the night sky. A cruise past this small land mass north of Sicily turns your vessel’s sun deck into the perfect viewing platform. So sit back, watch and wait – it won’t be long before one of the world’s most active volcanoes puts on a spectacular show, with eruptions usually occurring two or three times an hour.

A shining example

Witnessing a beautiful sunset is always a treat but we know a way to make it even better! Summon up all your energy and climb the steep stone steps to the top of the Pre Rup pyramidal temple at Angkor. Then simply take in the 360-degree views as you watch the sun sink behind the trees. Don’t leave your camera at the bottom though, you will want to capture this moment but you might not want to tackle those steps twice!

Shop till you drop

If you fancy cosying up with throngs of locals and hunting for unique souvenirs, Chiang Mai’s night market is for you. This shoppers’ paradise comes alive when the sun goes down, and you literally can shop till you drop as it doesn’t close until midnight. And remember you must bargain for your purchases – this is almost a national sport in Thailand!

Don't be kept in the dark

Of course, if you prefer to enjoy your sightseeing strictly in daylight hours, you should visit Iceland in the summer. From May to September you can experience the midnight sun, when night-time never comes.