Shall we dance?

Watching a live performance of the tango is a must during any visit to Argentina. The origins of this beautiful and passionate dance lie in Buenos Aires in the late 19th century, when waves of young, European males migrated here in search of their fortune. Yearning for the women they had left behind, the immigrants are thought to have frequented the city’s lower-class bars, cafés and courtyards to lift their spirits and dance with local girls.

Despite an overwhelming disapproval of the tango amongst high-class society, some younger, more rebellious members of the upper class took the dance with them as they travelled to Europe. Its popularity spread and as the tango evolved and became more refined, it found its way back to Buenos Aires and was met with respect.

Traditionally a tango is accompanied by a musical ensemble consisting of violins, a piano, double base and bandoneons – a type of concertina. To this day it remains a sensual and complex dance. The man presses his hand into the woman’s back and guides her as their upper bodies are held upright, faces almost touching. The couple glide effortlessly in time to the music, with the woman swivelling her hips and the man performing pivoting moves. Dramatic pauses and directional changes are an essential part of the tango, as are the dancers’ dramatic facial expressions, which convey the intensity of the whole experience.

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