Our North America specialists are seasoned travellers. Between them they’ve explored the length and breadth of North America and they use all their experience and knowledge to create our exciting holidays.


"Travel is my passion and I feel so privileged to have worked in the industry from a young age. I’ve been part of the Travelsphere team for about three years and all in all I’ve been creating holidays for about 25 years – I know, I don’t look old enough! I’ve spent a lot of time exploring Canada and have travelled from east to west, taking in all the major sites along the way. In the States I’ve been blown away by the breathtaking beauty of the national parks and have toured extensively in California, New England and the Deep South. I think out of everything I’ve done, what surprised me the most was the emotion I felt at Studio B in Nashville. We listened to Elvis singing ‘Are you lonesome tonight’ with the lights dimmed as they were when he recorded the track. It really was quite a moment. My all-time favourite memory of the national parks has to be seeing the Grand Canyon for the very first time. It’s such a vast and spectacular sight and is something I will never forget."



"All I ever wanted to do was travel. I studied and made vague plans for my career, but the only thing I was sure I wanted to do was get out and see the world. So I bought a roundthe- world fl ight ticket, went on an adventure and have never looked back since. I’ve been lucky enough to visit lots of incredible places and I love being able to share my experiences through my work. I love New York, it’s full of life with so many sights to see and endless places to eat and drink – you’ll never run out of things to do here. I can also recommend the cities of Chicago, Boston and Washington DC, and I’ve spent lots of time exploring Florida and the coasts of North and South Carolina. For me, one of the most interesting places to visit is New England – there’s so much we can learn about our own history there. My last trip really brought to life the challenges people faced when they left Europe 400 years ago, and the civilisation they managed to build from nothing is absolutely amazing."