Mouthwatering cuisine and traditional Belgian beer

For many people, a holiday to Belgium is the perfect opportunity to sample delicious cuisine washed down with a speciality beer.

Gastronomical delights to savour

Moules-frites, waffles and chocolate are probably the first things that spring to mind when you think of Belgium’s culinary specialities, but take your seat in a local restaurant and you’ll soon discover that there are plenty of other gastronomical delights to savour.

A popular appetiser is tomates aux crevettes grises, a delicious combination of tomatoes stuffed with shrimp and mayonnaise. To follow, you could try waterzooi, a creamy stew which originated in Ghent. Traditionally it was a fish-based dish, but today it’s often made with chicken.  Anguilles au vert ‘eel in green sauce’ is another popular stew, cooked in a herby sauce, the chunks of eel have a satisfying, meaty consistency. And for those with a sweet tooth, speculoos is a delectable shortbread loved across the nation. It was originally a seasonal speciality enjoyed on St Nicholas Day – 6th December, but today it’s available all year round and you’ll even find speculoos-flavoured ice cream.

A long history of brewing

You will, of course, need something to drink with your meal and Belgium has no shortage of beer on offer. The country has a long history of brewing and is famous for its array of quality beers, unique in taste and character. Brewing in Belgium is said to have begun back in the Middle Ages, when monks produced and drank beer as an alternative to the poor quality drinking water. Over time, the industry evolved, hops were added to enhance the flavour and help preserve the beer and lots of different regional varieties emerged. Despite the challenges of two World Wars and the economic crisis of the 1930s, Belgium’s brewing industry has survived and prospered and today the country produces everything from well-known popular brands, to exclusive Trappist beers and speciality brews created by family-owned businesses.

A wide selection of beers

Why not take a seat in one of the country’s many cafés and choose from the wide selection of beers on offer. Perhaps you’ll sample a kriek or geuze beer in Brussels, sip the famous Bolleke Koninck in Antwerp or discover the distinctive beers of Bruges, which include Straffe Hendrik, Brugse Zot and Bourgogne de Flandres.  Whatever your preference, you’ll find that most of the beers are served in their own distinctive glass which is shaped to bring out the best of the flavour.

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