" Twisting and turning through the imposing Dolomites at sunset, we felt dizzy with excitement as the sky transformed into a riot of colours. Magnificent! "

From the majestic Dolomite mountains to crystal-clear lakes, Northern Italy is a myriad of breathtaking natural beauty and exceptional views. Discover a truly special side of Northern Italy that you never knew existed - be whisked to dizzying heights on historical Renon cog railways. Or, take to the waters of exquisite Lake Maggiore on a private motorboat cruise and explore the flowerfilled Borromean Islands.


A kaleidoscope of crystalline acqua, Italy is home to over 1,500 magical lakes. We’ve hand-picked our favourites in Northern Italy, where you can take a dip in the refreshing waters while enjoying exceptional views of the Dolomites, the Italian Alps and the Trentino region. With authentic local experiences at every turn, experience intimate, little-known lakes away from the holiday crowds and relax in blissful serenity. It’s likely you’ll have many of these beauty spots all to yourself.

LAKE ISEO - Encircled by rivers and by Lake Iseo, scenic Franciacorta has a medieval Old Town that is bursting with culture at every corner, including a picturesque promenade, a contemporary art gallery and excellent wineries. The shoreline is punctuated with church steeples and ice cream coloured houses. Enjoy local organic honey, jams and marmalade and take in the relaxed atmosphere with a glass of Franciacorta.

LAKE LEVICO - Lake Levico is surrounded by dense greenery in the Trentino-Alto region, making it the perfect spot for active adventures. Hiking and tranquil woodland walks are popular pastimes - you’ll catch glimpses of the glittering aquamarine lake between the trees. If you like exploring on two wheels, the famous Valsaguna cycle path runs along the lake, across to neighbouring Lake Caldonazzo and beyond.

LEVICO TERME - Wind your way to therapeutic Levico Terme’s hot springs, stopping off at Lake Idro - hidden in the valley of Sabbia - to enjoy a refreshing limonata at a lakeside café. Continue on to the little known, deep azure waters of Lake Ledro, surrounded by alpine scenery in the Trentino region. When you arrive in Levico Terme treat yourself to a luxury spa treatment or simply take a dip in the deep blue thermal lake full of natural minerals – this is truly where wellness and nature intersects.


“ Wandering through Perugia, we felt like we’d travelled back in time, we stunning piazzas at every turn and history pouring from every corner. “

Explore luscious rolling countryside in Tuscany and peaceful Umbria. Feel the magnetic allure of the cliff-top villages in colourful Cinque Terre in the Italian Riviera. Buried deep underground through winding secret passageways, explore the literary namesake of Narnia, concealed in a fortress of secrets, hidden for centuries in Umbria. And you’ll discover exquisite UNESCO-listed heritage mosaics in coastal Ravenna.

Have you heard of Ravenna? Taking a passeggiata – a slow, gentle stroll - around the heart of this humble coastal town, you’d never guess that in the Golden Age, Ravenna was thrice one of the most important cities in medieval Italy. Within its walls, Ravenna holds its secret crowning glory - stunning, ornate mosaics that grace the ceilings of churches, baptisteries and mausolea. Over 300 majestic years, Ravenna was the capital of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century, the Kingdom of the Ostrogoths in the first half of the 6th century and the Byzantine Exarchate in the latter. It became a haven for local craftsmen, who used thousands of tiles to transform the ceilings of eight early Christian monuments into a dazzling display featuring emperors, saints and lambs. Each Ravennate reign bequeathed beautiful mosaics to the city. Ravenna is now a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its supreme artistry and the crucial evidence it holds of religious relationships. For mosaic lovers, making a pilgrimage to see the largest and best-preserved mosaics outside of Constantinople is a must. It must be one of Italy’s best kept secrets – until now!


“ In Ravello, we discovered beautiful panoramic views of the Amalfi coastline, shimmering in the afternoon sun. We couldn’t believe our eyes! “

Visit the world-famous Amalfi coastline - the jewel in Southern Italy’s crown. Or, immerse yourself in undiscovered Puglia, with its fragrant olive trees and sparkling white villages. Lush pine forests of astounding height and beauty await you in exhilarating Sila National Park. Absorb yourself in Calabria’s hidden villages where it feels like time stands still. From the promenade of Diamante, look out to Cirella Island and imagine the swashbuckling pirates of yore.

If you choose to book your holiday to the Amalfi coast in winter, rest assured that temperatures remain balmy in the cooler months. Enjoy glorious sunsets over the glittering sea and enjoy peaceful sights without the summer crowds.


" Refreshing Sicilian granita, a walkway lined with ornate roman mosaics and breathtaking beaches – we adored the Italian islands! "

Escape to Italy’s magical islands for unrivalled dramatic scenery. Explore the rugged Sardinian coastline and the atmospheric, cultural melting pot of Sicily. Ascend Sicily’s imposing Mount Etna by cable car and immerse yourself in a wonderfully unique lunar landscape. Be bold, get up close and walk to the crater. In Sardinia, discover the architectural wonders of Nuraghe La Prisgiona, featuring megalithic stone structures. You never know what you might find!