I Love South Africa

"When you actually see that person spotting their first elephant, the look on their face is just magical."


Lynne Maskell

I love South Africa because it’s such a diverse and vast country. And the great thing about our tours is that we do a bit of everything. The Cape Peninsula is one of my favourite days out as it is so beautiful and very rugged. If you go in springtime, around October, that’s when the flowers are out. The weather’s usually perfect then too, not too hot.

I am so lucky

Cape Town is probably my favourite city, and Table Mountain, of course, is wonderful. I love going on safari and I am so lucky that I get to do this with our customers. Our visit to the Zulu kingdom where the Battle of Isandlwana took place is a favourite among some guests. And another great highlight is on our Victoria Falls add-on – cruising along the Zambezi is just fantastic. The hotel we stay at in Zambia is amazing, with elephants roaming freely in the garden. Now that is completely magical!

Herds of elephants

Something special happens on every tour in South Africa, and for me it was seeing my first leopard in Kruger National Park. That is something I will never forget! Make sure you remember your camera and plenty of memory cards – you’ll take lots of photos on safari! Another special moment was a river cruise in Chobe where I saw hundreds of elephants. I was so lucky, seeing herd after herd, including tiny babies, and that was just breathtaking.

Wonderful whales

If you join our special departure you’re in for a treat too. Hermanus is the best place to see whales from the land, so you don’t have to go out in boats to see them. And the hotel we use is so well located that if you’re really lucky you could see whales and dolphins while you’re eating breakfast!

The wow factor

If I had to choose one wow factor moment it would be going on safari. It’s great when I meet someone at the airport and they tell me they would really like to see an elephant. I tell them I’ll do my best, but of course, these are animals in the wild so there’s no guarantees. Then when you actually see that person spotting their first elephant, the look on their face is just magical. And I think it’s sharing those kind of moments that makes my job so great!