‘If I was forced to choose a favourite region, it would have to be Umbria.’ - Product Specialist, Alessandra Mozo

I’m originally from a small town just 30 minutes from Como, at the southern end of gorgeous Lake Como. And now I find myself here in England doing the best job in the world as Travelsphere’s Product & Purchasing Manager for Italy. That means every day I come into work and create unforgettable tours to my homeland!

I feel so lucky that I can use my passion for travel in my work. Our aim is to show you all the incredible highlights that you may have already heard about, and to throw in all sorts of hidden gems that will surprise and fascinate you! If you’ve not been before, I promise you will love Italy – it is blessed by warm weather, amazing landscapes and tons of history. It is THE place to go for mouth-watering food and wine, and the locals are so friendly – as I’m sure my colleagues would agree!

No matter which of the 20 regions you visit, there’s always something new and different to enjoy, so there’s a great excuse to keep going back! Must-visit cities are of course Venice, Florence and Rome, there’s the idyllic countryside of Tuscany, the romantic coastline of Amalfi and the historical sites of Sicily. And let’s not forget the lovely beaches of Sardinia and Puglia’s olive groves. One trip is just not enough!

If I was forced to choose a favourite region, it would have to be Umbria, just to the south of Tuscany. It’s got the same amazing countryside but there’s an added sense of calm and spirituality. Famous as the birthplace of St Francis, it’s full of medieval towns and artistic masterpieces. There’s an amazing man-made waterfall built by the Romans and lovely Lake Trasimeno. On our Umbria – Italy’s Spiritual Heart tour my favourite experience is the day we spend at an organic farm. The owner, Lucca is so passionate about healthy food and the rediscovery of heritage seeds and grains, and he shares this passion as we learn to make bread. I got so many useful tips on my last trip and can’t wait to go back!