Highlights of Tuscany

From top to toe, explore Italy’s breathtaking diversity. Shimmering coastline, dreamy countryside and bustling, picture-perfect cities – discover Italy’s variety in all its crowning glory.


Get off the beaten track and you’ll be rewarded with an undiscovered paradise. Mystical, shimmering lakes await you, from the deep, indigo waters of Lake Maggiore to the mesmerising crystal-clear Lake Molveno, hidden away in valleys of the Dolomites. Take in the breathtaking views and stroll the surroundings of the sparkling lake. You never know what wonders you’ll find here – there’s even a veiled prehistoric forest! Italy is home to over 1500 glorious lakes, so you’re bound to find a secret spot.


Bursting at the seams with rich culture and historical heritage, sightseeing in Italy will be an unforgettable experience. Ride on the majestic Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. When you arrive, cruise along Venice’s winding canals and discover all the delights this floating city has to offer. Travelling by boat gives you the opportunity to unlock secret locations and hidden places you can’t access by any other means of transport.


Italy is full of tiny, fairytale towns with plenty of character and amazing art. Take a walk and soak up the enchanting art scene in Calabria. Charming yet compact, Belvedere shows off ornate Baroque balconies, while dazzling Diamante is a riot of colour, adorned with its fabulous street murals. Medieval Ravenna is a feast for the senses - discover exquisite, glittering mosaics adorning the ceilings of ancient churches and monuments.


There’s something special about Italy’s isolas - Sardinia is exotic even to Italians, a stylish culmination of beautiful beaches and a unique cultural heritage. Described as ‘often invaded, never conquered’ Sardinia is a rich tapestry with an inimitable spirit. Sicily has fascinating Baroque architecture and a fantastic food scene. It has provided a stunning backdrop on screen – if you’re a fan of the Italian detective, retrace Inspector Montalbano’s footsteps in Scicli and Puntasecca. Take a private cruise to the three Borromean isolas, discover botanical gardens and find out why they are so popular with royalty.


So much more than pizza and pasta (although we definitely recommend you indulge in both), each of Italy’s 20 regions will have a truly divine delicacy for you to sample. Whether you’re craving fresh seadas in Sardinia or can’t wait to get stuck into some tasty Panzanella in Florence, you’ll be able to feast on mouthwatering regional specialities. Just don’t blame us if you end up in a state of ‘abbiocco’, the mildly less dramatic Italian take on a food coma. Don’t forget to accompany your meal with some delicious local wine - did you know that Italy is home to 350 types of grape? Enjoy a glass of Franciacorta on a rooftop terrace while admiring the quaint hilltop towns and rolling Tuscan countryside.


Just south of Tuscany lies sublime Umbria – it also has mesmerising green countryside, but with an added sense of calm and peaceful tranquillity. Away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist trail, you’ll discover medieval towns and artistic masterpieces, wonderf