Greece Is The Word!

This ever-popular holiday hot spot has so much going for it...


It’s filled with historical sites

Greece is cited as the birthplace of Western civilisation, and many of its ancient ruins, spanning four millennia, are among the most famous landmarks in the world. The Acropolis, which looms over the capital Athens and is crowned by the iconic Parthenon, is perhaps the most recognisable. Close behind is Delphi, the prime place of worship for the sun god Apollo and the seat of the most important oracle of ancient Greece. The island of Crete is home to ‘Europe’s oldest city’, Knossos, the centre of the Minoan civilisation, while the Peloponnese region is the legendary stomping ground of the gods. Important sites here are Olympia, where the famous games were born, and the 4th century BC Theatre of Epidaurus.

You can island hop

If you’re looking for an island get-away, Greece has thousands to choose from – up to 6,000 actually if you count all the tiny islets scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas. Just 227 are inhabited and each boasts its own set of highlights but if you’re looking for beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters, all tick those boxes.

You can relax on gorgeous beaches

If you want to spend a lazy day on the beach, you can’t go wrong in Greece. Golden beaches are backed by aromatic pine forests, black volcanic shores offer a touch of drama and white-as-snow sands shelve gently into turquoise seas. Warm waters are the norm in the summer and although beaches at this time are always popular, chances are you can find a secluded cove to call your own.

The summers are long and hot

If you like the colour blue, you’ll love Greece. From May to September you’ll rarely see a cloud, so it’s blue skies all the way. Winter temperatures are pretty mild too, especially in the south-eastern parts of the country, with clear skies and many fine days. 

The scenery is out of this world

Mountainous pine-clad forests, lush olive and citrus groves and hillsides scattered with whitewashed villages and blue-domed churches. All this is run-of-the-mill in Greece! The picturesque windmills of Mykonos, Crete’s wildflower meadows and Rhodes’ medieval walls are other everyday sights just made to grace the front covers of travel magazines!

Its cuisine is both delicious and healthy

With its hot, dry climate and close proximity to the sea, Greece boasts a wonderful variety of fresh produce. Enjoy grilled squid with a liberal squeeze of fresh lemon, and mouth-watering lamb, chicken and pork dishes served on skewers or in sizzling clay pots. Try the fried cheese dish of saganaki, or a colourful Greek salad with sweet tomatoes, zingy feta and olives. This Mediterranean diet, which is associated with good health, also includes plenty of vegetables, nuts, grains and olive oil. A less healthy but truly authentic way to finish your meal is with a glass of fiery, aniseed-flavoured ouzo!